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Kudos for Keet

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • I’ve had the opportunity to roleplay with Keet after so long of stalking her characters’ profiles (I may or may not have them listed under my Favorites folder, shhhh), and what an unforgettable ride it has been! Every post made me slam my eyeballs into the screen with anticipation to see what whimsy she brought to the table next. Her writing style is excellent beyond measure, and she pays close attention to posts and responds with unexpected reactions that makes each a thrill to read! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Avelithe

  • My best friend then is my best friend now. Whatever time spent apart was necessary for us to learn and grow did little to change the ease in which we talk, the comfort that comes from confiding in the other, and the "as good as it ever was" enjoyment gleaned from the stories we write together. Lune, much like the characters she plays, is heartfelt and authentic, and I have missed both more than I could possibly express. If I've said it once, I've said it 100 times: you're my favorite author, b! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - emroidz

  • Mother of Birds! For a long time I was shy of Lune, because her characters are so rich in lore and amazing love and care it was hard not to be in aw of her creative mind. I'm so happy I overcame that to get to know this beautiful soul. I look forward to more times we can talk of birds, deer, and all the characters we have in between! - TakodaVega

  • It has been a long while since I last RP'd with Lune and I truly regret it. She is one of the kindest and most welcoming people you could ever meet. Her warm personality is enchanting and her characters and beautiful, flawless and detailed. I hope to RP with Lune soon, otherwise I'm happy to chat away with this wonderful lady! - Luxe

  • Lune and I go waaaaay back! I can say with confidence that if you can get into a RP with her you'll be in heaven. Her profiles are literally exquisite! She's a great writer, loves to contribute to world building and collaborate on plots, and she is a master at leaving hooks to keep you guessing and invested... Ultimately she's a pro at really pulling you through the emotion and flow of her characters' narratives so much so that they feel like they're living and breathing in front of you! - jamerson

  • Lunebug. God, you're some times just too sweet for this world. Her writing style is epic - as if all her characters take on a life of their own. She's dynamic and rather versatile. She's just simply fantastic. Tweetrific! <3 - Raerae

  • I am so deeply grateful that Keet and I were opportune to meet and become the friends we are today. This birb is so utterly sweet and an honest delight for company. I always look forward to hearing from her, and many shared bird memes. My only regret is that I never ventured to befriend her sooner and I wholeheartedly recommend Keet - despite my lack of 1v1 roleplay experience with her, I've read her writing and find it detailed and captivating in a way I have yet to know anywhere else. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • This is a birb with a wonderful world of ideas swimming around their head; a considerate, active-minded presence in roleplay and musing. I've watched her soft ideas grow into grand and colorful stories that bring a good, wonderful lot of joy to her circle. This isn't a review glossing about perfections, but an honest shout out about someone very much worth exploring stories, characters, and creations with. I recommend poking them if you've ideas to ponder over. - Ohm

  • Speaking from one magical girl to another. Lune is by far the most sparkling and dazzling glitter bomb I have met. Friendly and endearing the girl has a good head on her shoulders and is always a blast to work with. - Nekomanics

  • Beautiful and kind, I haven't know Lune long, but she is a wonderful roleplayer who is not only sweet but funny and quick witted to boot. Her ideas when it comes to characters and her captivating writing style pulls me in. The out of character banter is also great for the days I'm just not up for RP. She's a great person who I have the wonderful honor to call my friend. <3 - Kirasha

  • What?!? I thought I had already left Lune kudos! Having RPed one-on-one with one of their characters and a group rp with another, I can definitely say their writing skill and diversity to characters and scenarios is second-to-none. Also, they let me be a dork OOCly and isn't scared by that so that's pretty chill. 10/10 have some more gifs in your whispers - Luxe

  • Lune is so amazing, I don't even know where to start. Her characters are so well thought out and played, with an incredible amount of depth and detail to them. OOC she's a total sweetheart and so much fun to hang out with. If you haven't RP'd with this gal yet you better get on it! - Sol

  • Here's what bites: Lune and I hardly roleplay. But oh man -- when we do, I get all and more from them. They write wicked words, straight up fantastic prose. Every post I receive from them is bloody exciting from start to finish.
    Always happy to listen when I need a friend, Lune is more than just a great story teller.
    They've really helped me out in most everything! - 13ee

  • I love this girl. Her and I have been rping practically every day the past two months and I can say I am loving every moment of it. She doesn't write posts, she writes stories and I love reading them. It's never boring with her, there's always something she throws at me and it's amazing. I honestly cannot wait to see what the future holds with our characters and our blossoming friendship. If you haven't had the opportunity to be transfixed by her writing, then you are missing out. <3 - Raerae