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🚀 LAST UPDATED: 9.16.22
Jenamore / Slowpoke / Bookkeeper


you say the ocean's rising like I give a sh*t — you say the whole world's ending, honey, it already did


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☄️ 18+ please and thank you
🛰️ Group settings preferred, 1:1 is fine
🌊 My schedule is currently forever chaotic, fingers crossed it gets better
🐋 Right now I'm vibing on: The 80s / Wild West / Eldritch / Mobster


Call me Jen or Jena! 😊 I'm PM friendly and, while I'm a pretty private person when it comes to my real life, I absolutely looove to talk about:
🎮 Video Games
🎥 Movies
📺 TV Shows
🎧 Music
📗 Books & Comics
☀️ And anything else under the sun!

I have an addiction absolute sea of characters to choose from even if only a few of those have Public profiles. I'm also happy to create new characters for any occasion, just ask!

My schedule is unfortunately a little sporadic at this time. I do my best to respond to PMs as soon as I possibly can and if I can't respond in a timely manner because work has me too busy I'll let you know, thanks!


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ʍolǝq os


Need any help? I'd be happy to assist you with...

⌨️ BBCode ⌨️
I absolutely LOVE messing with BBCode! I'm always learning new things, trying to format in new and interesting ways, etc and would be more than happy to lend my skills to anyone looking for help with their profiles.
Full disclosure: I'm entirely self-taught and by no means an actual expert.
Second disclaimer: I am hot garbage at CSS but can point you toward a number of amazing folks who are masters of the craft!

If you'd like assistance with a particularly problematic piece of code or just want to bounce ideas for different ways to code things feel free to send me a PM and I'd be jazzed to take a look! To send me the code itself you can use the Code tag to turn it into plaintext:

Insert BBCode Here


✨ Character Creation ✨
When it comes to creating a new character I am very much a Throw Things At The Wall To See What Sticks kind of person. Most will remain in some state of unfinished ranging from a brief one-liner to a general outline that is ready to hit the ground running for RP. Regardless, my favorite thing in the world is to pour my jumbled inspiration into yet another new alt.

I have a plethora of resources at my disposal that I use to help my own brain children come to life, here are some of my favorites. Note that these come in two different categories — RPR profile building & actual character building:
🔸 HTML Color Codes (RPR Profile)
🔸 Unicode Charts (RPR Profile)
🔸 3 Personality Tests (Character)
🔸 Behind The Name (Character)

(... those are literally .5% of my "Tools" bookmark folder, if you'd like to see more don't hesitate to reach out!)


🌎 World Weaving 🌎
Similar to Character Creation above I am always throwing together new worlds for my characters to RP in. Often times a new world starts as just a few vague lines of flavor text that gradually evolve into its own setting and might even spin-off into an actual RPR Group/Discord in the Paracosmos if it resonates with me enough.

I might not have any specific resources but I would recommend the Worldbuilding subreddit for fun tips & tricks: —r/worldbuilding



Rave Reviews

REXINGTON (played by Cosmonautilus)
I love Rex. I hate Rex. I love to hate Rex. He's disgusting, crass and improprietous””but it's just so wonderful to watch him push your characters' buttons time and time again with laser-guided, heat-seeking precision. - Billie
REXINGTON (played by Cosmonautilus)
Jenamore really brings what you can tell is her favorite character truly to life. She stays true to a character that time and time again surprises me. I absolutely love rping with him and can't wait for the next adventure! - Paliana

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