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Kudos for Grim-Blue

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • It's hard to believe that Grim is newer to RP. Her writing is very detailed and descriptive. Our game hasn't been going on for long, mainly because I had to pause it on my end, but it's been really amusing! Writing skills aside, Grim is so much fun to plot with. She's also kind, caring, patient, and hilarious. I'm glad to have connected with her! Kind and understanding Long posts - MissPixie

  • I'm honoured to give Grim a Kudos. Despite being new to RP, she is a natural at it - thorough and ensuring plenty of detail in her posts. OOC, she is a joy to speak to - both about the story and general chat! Highly recommended all-in-all! - Heidi