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Forums > Help > Image uploading issues

Not quite sure what was happening. I'll be testing this today when I get off work but I just wanted to put the heads up out there. Yesterday I was at the library attempting to reorganize my gallery images and add some more to one of my characters as part of my character revamping and when I went to upload an image, a separate window opened and showed some code type thing and the image wasn't uploaded. I did try it on all the formats spoken of on the pop up where you input the location of the image you wish to upload. I figured it may have possibly been due to some kind of firewalls etc the library has set on their computers so when I got home, I went to use my dads comp to try it but unfortunately that happened to be when RPR was experiencing it's downtime yesterday and my dad had something he had to get on the comp for at a certain time so I couldn't wait a few and try again. I'm gonna stop by the library when I get off again today to try again and jot down that little code just in case and see about getting on my dads comp again to try if it fails. If not then I can also try via my Wii. I'll update this thread with the results when it's done but like I said, I just wanted to put the heads up out there.

Edit: Also in case it has something to do with the library's comps, they do use IE. Not quite sure what version. I'll see if I can find out when I'm there today.

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Forums > Help > Image uploading issues