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  • Jane helped make error reporting during account creation much more accurate and useful. (8 years ago)
  • Trickster's astute observations made it possible to root out a confusing and bizarre bug that came into play when trying to delete kudos on one's own characters. (8 years ago)
  • Darth_Angelus reported problems being able to move the kudos box on player profiles. (8 years ago)
  • CelestinaGrey was reviewing all the kudos she'd given, when she realized that navigating between the multiple pages of them often brought her to the kudos she'd received, instead. (8 years ago)
  • Yuka
    Yuka reported that going to the second page of search results wasn't 100% reliable. The odd blank pages have been fixed thanks to Yuka! (8 years ago)
  • Darth_Angelus reminded me of a bug wherein event news was miscategorized until it was saved a second time. (8 years ago)
  • Sanne reported that kudos weren't displaying correctly when editing a user profile, and could cause display bugs in parts of the page. (8 years ago)
  • Pyrroglaux's characters were so enthusiastic about receiving kudos that they started turning up under the "Kudos you've given" page, just to show off what people said about them more. They've now been given enough high fives to calm down a bit. (8 years ago)
  • Dylan reported that receiving kudos on a character could cause activity widgets to cough up a lung. Lungs have all been stuffed back in and cough syrup distributed! (8 years ago)
  • Dylan discovered the only character on the entire site that would always give you a content warning, even if you'd changed your settings to never get the warnings. After months of bug hunting, we can finally put this mystery to bed. (8 years ago)
  • Copper_Dragon caught a silly typo that became visible when there were no results to a search. (8 years ago)
  • CelestinaGrey reported that when trying to drag a new widget onto a group's page in IE, the entire widget box would go with you! (8 years ago)
  • Pyrroglaux's penchant for perfectionism led to a report that the edit link on profile toolbars was always going back to editing the first page on a profile, rather than the one that the edit button had been clicked on. (8 years ago)
  • Hurricane_Lance discovered that flexible stat widgets were uncooperative when it came to deleting info, until they'd been freshly reloaded. Flexible stat widgets are much more amenable to seat of your pants editing now thanks to Hurricane_Lance! (8 years ago)
  • Though she was uncertain it was a bug, and might be so minor it might not be worth mentioning, Claine reported a broken search link anyway -- And we're glad she did, because now it's fixed! (8 years ago)