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  • f0x1nth3b0x was among those who helped to track down the gallery widget loading box bug. (9 years ago)
  • thoreau provided quick feedback when the gallery widgets were misbehaving. (9 years ago)
  • Brutal reminded me of a long-standing error where delete buttons on Basic Info widgets didn't display (or work!) properly. (9 years ago)
  • Darth_Angelus reported that collapse tags weren't starting pre-collapsed in groups. (9 years ago)
  • Darth_Angelus helped in testing the group appearance customizer, and discovered an issue with link hover colors not updating. (9 years ago)
  • Group forums were randomly disallowing their members to post. Sherlock brought this issue to light in a way that it could be addressed and fixed. Thank you Sherlock! (9 years ago)
  • Dylan discovered a case where inactive notifications were still being displayed in group activity widgets. (9 years ago)
  • Sanne pointed out that gallery descriptions should probably allowed for BBCode, when a character gallery is set to "full image" mode. And behold, now it does! (9 years ago)
  • Uploading an icon without selecting any file no longer results in a blank error, thanks to Sanne's reminder that this bug had been left unfixed for nearly a year. (9 years ago)
  • Auger
    Auger has an observant eye and a heroic spirit. When they sees something that might jeopardize the RPR, they says something, even if the loophole could be conceived as benefiting their by remaining. (9 years ago)
  • Darth_Angelus created 10 pieces of portrait decoration (1 computer terminal, and 9 glow colors), which have been inducted into the player profile customization tool as pieces of flair for everyone's use! (9 years ago)
  • Heimdall generated a healthy list of bugs, comments and suggestions shortly after the Player Profile Customizing tool went live. This list was a huge help in the rapid improvements that were made over the next 24 hours. (9 years ago)
  • When looking for groups, the search results didn't accurately report how many members were in each. Sanne helped get this fixed by bringing it to light. (9 years ago)
  • Dylan found a case during the days of notifications turmoil where timestamps could stay the same for hours, especially when your friends weren't doing anything new. (9 years ago)
  • SeraphicStar
    SeraphicStar's lightning fast bug report reflexes made their the first to document and report a growing army of duplicate notifications. After several days of pandemonium, we emerge victorious! (9 years ago)