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On today's episode of "I googled when this one visibility day was and apparently it's today?" . . .
Happy Lesbian Visibility Day, fellow gays! (It's on April 26th, which I realize may not be the date for everyone because timezones and such.)
I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Stay safe, be gay, do crime, etc etc. 🏳️‍🌈 💖🤍💖
Oh, and as per usual, being visible is optional; you can absolutely hide in the shadows if you do not want to be perceived! 💝🐸

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Ayy damn right, that's today! Cheers to all me fellow girl simps lady-lovin'-ladies!! 😤😤 Or, well, whatever fancy term you'd rather use to describe yourself, I sure as hell know that my butch ass wouldn't use 'lady' unironically ghuehueuheuheuhe
women r indeed neat if u can't tell by my profile
If that damn image ain't the modern Bible I don't know what is.

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