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So, this is a book I'm writing...I plan on posting this book here and make another thread for comments and ideas. So...this will be my first chapter and tell me what ya think.

~So...I what~
Fiona was in her mansions gazebo and was checking on the game characters on a mobile game. "Too bad I can only interact with you like this," she said, gazing at her characters lovingly.
She had fostered them since their creation, so she felt they were like her kids. After a while, she saw a new cut scene. She saw her characters come together in a room. It was a spacious room that had an altar with eight rooms around it and a staircase leading out of the room.
Seph, a swordsman with silver hair, looked in her direction and motioned for her other characters to look as well. They then knelt before her.
"We greet our goddess, do you have any instructions for us?"
She looked at them, a puzzled expression forming, and said softly, "No, I was just checking in on you guys." She thought, 'What am I doing? This isn't a voice activated I having heatstroke or was there an update?'
The eight looked up and heard her ask as she knew that her company was creating a virtual reality system and that it would allow her to see them in almost a real life scenario, "What would you do if I could see you in person?"
The men quickly responded in delight and surprise. "We will kneel and swear loyalty to the goddess." Each put a hand on their hearts and bowed their heads not showing the love and fanaticism in their eyes.
She looked away from them as she heard a woman call for her, "Fi, it's time for the test." The men looked up, still feeling her presence.
Fiona said, "I have to go, but before I leave I want to give you a gift." She clicked a few buttons before a light appeared around their necks. When they looked down it a necklace with a shimmering stone appeared. Each stone had a different color and they noticed that it helped their sensitivity to their element.


When they looked up again, they couldn't sense her anymore. Fighting back tears, Seph choked, "We... were able... to speak... to our goddess!"
Kuro, A streetwise black haired man, smiled wistfully and said, "Yes, and she wants to decsend into our realm. However, another goddess said that there was a test. Maybe our goddess is a young one."
In a testy voice, Hyorinmaru, a blue haired nobleman, chided, "Kuro, are you questioning our goddess? She has watched over us for as long as we can remember. She has given us gifts and helped us in our endeavors."
Kuro retorted, "Not at all. I'm merely suggesting that she might be young or is testing another world. I am completely loyal to our goddess, Hyorinmaru."
The eight moved into a circle and Seph said, "The goddess will prepare to come to us so, let's make an oath to show our loyalty to our goddess." The eight nodded and started to cast a spell.


Fiona was wheeled into a room and connected her phone into the computer. She excitedly thought, 'I'll be able to walk again! I'll be able to stand next to my characters! We'll break bread and go on quests together! This will be AMAZING!!' She smiled before she laid down onto a table with a helmet connected to it. She exhaled before closing her eyes waiting for her long-anticipated trip into the virtual world.
Around the time she finished the tutorial, an accident occurred. The doctor running the test asked in a worried tone, "Lucca, what the hell is happening? What's with all the alarms?"
Lucca said, "The inner power system is overloading. I am trying to stop it before it explodes."
The other woman said, "SHUT IT DOWN!! GET HER OUT OF THERE!! STAT!!" a red haired woman ran and tried to open the door but, it was too late...the entire testing room exploded.


Fiona saw herself as an orb and looked around, "What the...? Did I DIE?! Isn't black and white impermanence or the angel of death supposed to get me?" She looked at the burnt shrapnel from the helmet all over room. "So, it exploded...I just wanted to walk again and meet them." She sobbed, taking in the reality of her demise and pleading rhetorically, "I swear was a good person... I was kind to people and I did good things for those less fortunate, and I never asked for anything in return... can't I have this one wish?!"
After she said that, she felt a pull and was pulled into a room she was familiar with. She blacked out as a body was starting to be made for her soul.

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