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Hello all, Winter here.

I've come across some interesting images via Pinterest, that have done it's usual of: Turn me into something for rp! Even though now-a-days my mind says: Sorry, out of service for the foreseeable future. Yet I wish to give this a try, and I ask for some minor help.

The first collapse tab has the image of the muse who I need help with.

Muse look in question

Now. Just based off this look alone, as I don't have anything thought out for this muse ye, here is where I'd like to ask for help with two things.

First: Which image provided below in the collapse tabs, would best suit the above human image, to be a form for the muse?

Humanoid Bat like being

Humanoid Raccoon

If you don't wish to cast your vote here for all to see, I've provided this Strawpoll option. You don't need to log in, just cast your vote and done.

Which form should be used for my muse in question?

The second thing I'd like to ask for help with is names for both the Bat like creature and the Raccoon. Regardless if the bat gets the most popular votes for the human's alternate form, or if it's the raccoon, I'd like to give my muse a friend to potentially help move the story along. Provided of course I can get my brain to work that well.

Do the names need to be related to bats and or raccoon's? No they don't. I'm also not picky as to the era in which you come up with a name. Though if you want to know what setting and such my muse will be in, it would be fantasy and or fantasy-modern. Not sure on anything else. I'm also looking just for a first name for the muse in question. If you want to do a full name, then that's your choice and I thank you in advance for the extra help. Also you are not restricted to just giving one name option. If you have several in mind, please feel free to share them.

When it comes to names for the muse, you can post here personally to the topic, or if you'd rather not you may feel free to PM me. I don't wish for people to be uncomfortable, thus I give the option of PMing.

-adjusts glasses- Alright. I believe that is all I need to put down. At least I hope I got it all.

Thank you for those who took the time to read this, and thank you to those who give any assistance to me and my future muse!

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