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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

Carneline (played by NiftySpiffy)

You are a paranormal explorer. one day you get a message stating: "There's this abandoned lab, you should totally check it out." of course, you do so. you find yourself inside the lab. strange, red crystals line the walls. you could feel something watching you, from a distance. during your recording, a cord is suddenly pulled and your light source turns off. now you find yourself in the dark, the only light from the red crystals on the walls.
Magic 50%
Magic is rare, but not unheard of. Mundane characters may or may not believe in it. Magical characters may form small and exclusive pockets for study, protection, etc.
Technology 50%
Combat 70%
More combat than not. The setting may be at war, and the characters will likely get involved whether or not they seek it out.
Romance 50%
Romance is desired but not required, and will balance evenly with other plot.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, one-off scene. Will be played with a large group of players.

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