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Now, I'm going, to be honest, and say that I forgot about this site for a while. But for whatever reason, it popped back into my head just a few minutes ago when I was thinking about the Harry Potter official lore.

Okay, I think it's safe to say that wizards shitting their pants, house-elves enjoying being enslaved, and banker goblins having a bunch of anti-semitic stereotypes attached to them, are bad things and the Harry Potter universe would have been better off without these things. So, my proposal to the roleplaying community is to create our own collective AU which omits some of this ****** up shit in favor of a more realistic, more interesting, and less fluffy, one so that those who RP in the Harry Potter universe don't have to deal with the moral dilemma of "Dobby's a great, friendly, and overall great endearing character. But he's also a second-rate citizen in the wizarding world."

If y'all have any other additions, perhaps we could get some mods to get in on it and make it an official setting of the Repository. Or we could make a group dedicated to it!
You could also make a group for such a thing. I'd probably be interested in joining an AU of something I've loved since childhood, but without the excessively problematic stuff that I've had to just pretend didn't exist anyway...

Although, wizards crapping their pants and magicking it away is hilarious.

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