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I curate the Verdant Wilds group. Feel free to join.

You can message me or any of my characters if you have a game in mind for them. I don't mind.

Things I'm looking for:
-Adventure stories, or things with an overarching goal.
-Fantasy, especially the less conventional fantasy in the west.
-Anything that might be considered the tone of a Saturday morning cartoon or shounen anime.
-haha rule of cool go brrr

Things I'm open to:
-Heavier themes, provided they aren't just there for shock value.
-Science-fantasy, or any sci-fi that wants to lean more into weird/campy and isn't trying for realism.
-Urban fantasy, such as "hidden world" fantasy or modern-day but weird stuff happens.

Things I might try within limits:
-Steampunk/Magitech: I'm not opposed to it but I'd still prefer to play magical characters.
-Fandom settings. It has to be a universe I enjoy and have a lot of knowledge on, and it needs to be canonically believable and stay near the tone of the official canon(s).
-Smut, but only with people I've known for a while and whose boundaries I am certain of. There needs to be a lot of built-up trust for me to consider it at all, and even then, I have no interest in too much story in smut RPs. I can't take stories with sex in them seriously at all.

Things I don't do:
-Romance. No exceptions. (Please don't ask about it. It's a bit of a trigger.)
-Horror or excess gore.
-Things pitched as "mature" (read: needlessly edgy for the sake of it.)
-Real world "everyday" settings without magic or fantastical elements. I'm in it for escapism.

I'm also here to make friends, and would appreciate OOC interactions with people as well as IC. Feel free to talk.

Rave Reviews

I've so enjoyed chatting with Aardbei over the past months. We veer from extremely silly gaming and guinea pig related topics, to deep dives into ethics and morality, to intense self-reflection. Doesn't afraid of anything. Kind and understanding Helpful - Kim
While situations on both sides have prevented us from talking or RPing much lately, I've enjoyed the time we have been able to chat and RP. Fun, creative, and all around a decent person to be around! They really work hard to put in their fair contribution both IC and OOC! Amazing person right here. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - LunarValravn

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