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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

Serengeti (played anonymously)

Serengeti is a lioness in the dream Outlands (in AI). I want her to have up to three sisters, and for them to live as a sort of pride. Eventually it'd be nice if we could add children to the family too, but that's for another post.

I live in EST, and I do semi-realistic para-rp. I don't have time to do multi-pararp. Whisper me in-game if you're interested.
Magic 00%
No magic at all.
Technology 00%
Stone tools and fire
Combat 50%
Combat is expected as part of the storyline but it won't dominate the plot.
Romance 50%
Romance is desired but not required, and will balance evenly with other plot.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played with a small group of players.

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