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Hey Everyone! I hope this is the right place to ask this, because I was hoping for a little input on the idea of doing some comissions for writing. I've seen the idea mentioned before, and I wanted to explore the possibility. Essentially, it would be like art comissions in taking specific requests from clients, except writing a story or content they want to see instead of art. So sort of like freelancing, but on a more one on one basis rather than for an organization. People that want to see an idea or story put on page, but don't have the time, energy, and/or confidence to write it themselves.

Thoughts on this are still a bit disorganized, so bear with me.

What I'm really trying to figure out is how I would set it up, where to advertise, and how to price it. Especially where to advertise and price it. Should I have a small amount that's a price per word? or should I have "tiers" of different story lengths with their own fixed prices. I'm unfamilair with how to do comissions, but I know a lot of really talented artists do them through RPR, so I would really love to ask for some help and get a better idea of how to get this started.

Thank you for reading, and any and all help is appreciated! Have a good one!
Anony-mouse (played anonymously)

I used to take part in a well-known ARPG on Deviantart for several years and this was relatively common to get HP points for characters (especially as a means of payment for things like genotypes or items.) It was also common to see writing being offered via commission though, with the most common payment being a base price + an additional (however much) per x amount of words. So it’d end up looking something like $10/1500 words (base) + another $5 every 500 words or so. (Obviously more thought is usually put out into the kind of writing you’re suggesting l, so you could definitely alter price and word count, but just to give you an idea as to how I’ve seen it set up in the past.)

As far as advertising, maybe consider using a character page to display examples of your work, your commission prices, combined with reviews from people, etc. This forum definitely isn’t a bad place to start.

Hope this helps!
ILostTheMap Topic Starter

This helps a lot, thanks so much! Gives me a better idea of how to start. Thanks a ton!

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