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I need some examples for some holiday art I want to do. I will be using bases for these, and there is going to be at least five. There might be more.

What I need from you:

1. Some sort of character reference. This could be art you have, or an inspiration board and a bit of explanation
2. A please or a thank you, or something.
3. What is your favourite colour?
4. Which December type holiday do you celebrate and what is one tradition you hold for your holiday?
5. If you are verified 18+ would you like something more risque?
6. Are Christmas motifs and/or gift giving appropriate for your character?
7. Are you okay with me using the freebie as an example?

I will choose by inspiration. I will do as many as I have energy for.

I can do furries, humans, some ferals. I will do my best to capture your character, but I will simplify if I need to.
1. Please check Varian Rudiger and Cassandra Page listed on my profile! :D
2. I am very thankful for this, if you chose to draw me something, or even just a little doodle. :)
3. Purple!
4. Christmas / There's so many, it's hard to pick one! But giving/receiving gifts is always fun. :)
5. No thank you!
6. That's fine!
7. Of course!

I was thinking maybe Varian and Cassandra doing something christmas-y/winter-y! :) If you want!

I'm looking for a Christmas-y profile picture for Christmas this year.

1. Just my profile picture. I can give the full image.
2. This would mean a ton to me, so much love if this gets chosen. <3
3. Black, because I'm edgy like that.
4. Christmas. Since I've cut off from my family, I usually spend it with my friends that I live with, doing family things like arguing about pointless things and giving each other gifts.
5. No, thanks though.
6. Yes!
7. Yes, totally.

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