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I'll write a short story for your character (within reason, no Romance, 18+/NSFW, etc...) in exchange for a Dragon's Tooth!

It'll be a small, slice-of-life and/or comedic story, nothing too serious. But I can write slightly angst if need be. It will be at least 2-3 Paragraphs long and can be put on your character's profile with credit (You can chose to credit me or just set it as anonymous!)

You'll have one revision, if I do not write the story at all what you'd like it to be (or what was stated I'd do.) :)

Please do not ghost me. I will write the story, send it through PM and then in-exchange, after you read it, get a Dragon's Tooth.

Thank you! :)

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You are on: Forums » Art & Creativity » {Will write for a Dragon's Tooth}

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