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Hey, call me Dio!
I'm a 17-year-old nonbinary kid who lives in CST area.

My dms are open and I'm happy to start roleplays with anyone! I'm also open to making new friends.
Somethings to note:
-I'm a Scorpio
- I'm super into world-building and character creation
- I'm super friendly and talkative
- I write at least 1.5k+ words per reply because I'm cool like that
- I play pc games 24/7
- I'm dyslexic ;-;

I do a lot of roleplay types! I'm a big fan of romance, fantasy, action/adventure, modern fantasy, SOL, and horror!
I write fandoms and original characters! I mainly do M/F, F/F, NB/M, and NB/F roleplays when I'm not doubling.
I won't rp M/M unless I'm doubling or close friends with someone.
I only write female and nonbinary characters main characters, I will write male side characters or a male main character that isn't in a romantic relationship. I don't write male characters in oc/oc romantic settings due to past experiences. However, if we do roleplay for a while and become rather close I will eventually be willing to write male characters as main characters in a romantic setting.

This rp ad of mine is dedicated to my original plots and pairings I would like to write. I'm interested in writing most of them so whenever you dm me about them please be specific on which one (or however many) you would like to discuss. Please do not dm me stating you're 'down for whatever' because that is a sure fire way that I won't be interested in writing against you. I have quite a few plots so please bare with me on that! If you are interested in writing these plots make sure to dm me. If you comment on this post there's a less likely chance I'll see it when I get online.

Anyway, time to get to what I have to offer <3

(I will doplots based on r/nosleep stories. Ask me about that I will jump on finding my favorite stories that we can work with or hell we can also use ideas from r/writingprompts which comes up with a lot of good shit.)

'The Curse'
MxF - Supernatural/Thriller - (I'm playing the female character and choosing the role of Muse A)
Muse A and Muse B are local college students that have known each other since high school. Muse A is an honor student who occasionally goes out partying with her friends. She has never particularly enjoyed them and has only stuck around because Muse B is still her best friend. Muse B on the other hand is not an honor student, well below keeping a C average in classes. He's mainly out portraying himself as a self-absorbed asshole. On Halloween, the group of friends, including Muse A and B, set out to explore the old manor of the town. It had been abandoned since the late 1900s and was heard to be haunted. Upon getting inside the mansion, the age-old 'let's split up' tactic was used. But what would happen when the group realizes by splitting up the ancient evil of the home was about to get started?

'Away From Home'
(Any Gender Paring, except MxM) - Isekai/Adventure - (I will be playing as Muse B)
Muse A is a lonely person, with not many friends in or out of school. The only friends they had were the people in their game. They had been playing this game for months and sadly no one ever really knew about it, guess it was more of underground work. One day after coming home from school and sitting down in front of the computer they owned, something wasn't right. It wouldn't turn on and finally, when it did, it burst into millions of pieces. As they shielded their face they felt warm sun rays on their skin, instead of the darkness of their room. When their eyes opened it was almost like they were in a whole new world, or one they had seen on their computer scene. Cue Muse B, a character within the game, one that was known as the main 'protagonist' alongside the character you play. Muse B seemed overjoyed when you arrived, come to find out they need your help to save the world they lived in.

(Any Gender Pairing, expect MxM) - Isekai/Thriller - (I have a strong preference for Muse B, in this plot)
Muse A hates just about everything in the world they live in. They don't fit in, they don't feel like they belong, and feel as if they should leave. Muse A finds a way to slip into a parallel universe after reading a few old books in the local library. Everything seems great in their new home, they're loved by everyone and don't feel out of place. Well until they started trying to kill Muse A, turns out they didn't slip into the right dimension. Muse B, is a character that was once like Muse A. They live in the world Muse A originally lived in and experienced what Muse A is going through. When Muse B finds out someone else slipped into a world they belong in they tasked themself to go save them. Now all the two need to do is figure out how to get back home when the creatures start to catch on.

'After The Bombs Dropped'
MxF, FxF, or NBxF - Post-Apocalyptic/Possibly Found Family if you don't want romance - (I would be playing Muse A in this plot no questions asked.)

Muse A is a lab-grown human living in the wastes of the world. She is partially immortal because of the experiment she was born from and has been watching the world re-grow since she escaped maybe 100 to 600 years ago. The dates all melt in your mind after a while. The day she came across Muse B, would be interesting, to say the least. Muse B was born to a raider clan that went missing a while back. Muse B seemed to be the only survivor hiding the mystery of what happened to their family and friends. They ended up stumbling upon Muse A while running from something completely unknown. They ended up getting saved by Muse A, which she promptly took them in after the meeting. The two had been exploring the wasteland together for a few months after that. Until the day they stumbled across a part Muse A didn't even know.

'Most Feared Killer'
MxM or NBxM - Crime/Drama/Possibly Found Family if you don't wanna do romance - (I would be playing Muse A in this plot. Be warned I tend to deny writing this plot because of lack of quality in ocs.)
Muse A is new to Japan and the wonders of the country. They hadn't been here for long but were more or less excited to start their new life. Until the day they were faced with a dilemma, they had been involved in a murder. Muse B is an immortal man who's been roaming the earth for 671 years after being cursed back in 1351. He originally wanted to live a normal life, after all, he had a kid originally. Until she was killed by people suspecting of his immortality. From that day on Muse B vowed to kill anyone who met his 'scum bag' criteria. One day when he was actively minding his business he noticed something. Muse A struggling against a perpetrator, this was his kind of work. He ended up killing the perp, and Muse A took part in it. It wouldn't be long before the cops came so the two had to run off together. Would they end up being criminal buddies? Or was Muse A gonna betray the secret of Muse B.

'Together Again'
MxF - SoL - (I will be playing Muse B.)
Muse A is a college student who recently graduated and came back to his home town he hadn't been to in a good 6 years. Muse A used to have a best friend in high school who he loved so dearly. After talking to many family and friends I got horrible news, Muse B lost her memories in a car wreck and didn't remember him. Muse B works at the local comic book store and has been thriving since her accident. She'd been slowly regaining her memories over the years and was trying to make a come back. She had gone to the college in their hometown and graduated before their accident with a Bachelor's degree. Muse A came to visit her one day at work and tried to get her to remember him. Muse B couldn't for the life of her and felt awful for not being able to. She gave Muse A her number and said to just keep in touch with her. Muse A then got an idea, if she couldn't remember him they would have to make new memories.

'Alone At Sea'
MxF, FxNB - Fantasy/Pirates/Action-Adventure - (I will be playing Muse A)
Muse A is a famous pirate captain that has quite a high bounty over her head. She's known to be cunning and cruel to those outside of her crew. Muse A once had a life before her pirate days came and no one truly knows much about it, except for Muse B. Muse B isn't anyone famous, nor infamous, but just a regular person living their life in a village they've never seen the outside of. Muse B grew up with Muse A and once she left they never thought they would see her again. Until the day Muse B's village was burnt to the ground while they were taken as a hostage. There wasn't hope for survival until a familiar face came to save the day, one Muse B thought they'd never see again even in a situation like this,
"I can't believe this happened, you'll be staying with me from now on."

MxF, FxNB, FxF - Modern/Thriller - (No preference when it comes to this plot)
Muse A is a college sophomore that recently moved into the dorms of their select college. Muse A has always had a lot of friends and been the subject of people’s attention. They're smart and kind students who've always been more than happy to help people they care about. But something has been going on recently that has made Muse A a bit wary of people. That something being Muse B. Muse B is a loner going to the same school as Muse A. They’ve always been smart, but lack the ability to make friends, until Muse A started being friendly towards them. That’s when Muse B gained the object of their affection and was more than willing to go to great length to prove it. Like becoming Muse A’s personal stalker.


Pirate Captain x Crewmate
♫Reaper x Immortal
Time Traveler x Wild West Cowboy
♫Obsessive x Object of Obsession
Seasoned apocalypse survivor x Clueless Apocalypse Survivor
♫Cultist x God [or any otherworldly creature]
Grumpy Detective x Rockie Detective
♫Witch x Outcast
Witch x Regular human
Experiment x Scientist assigned to observe said experiment
♫Detective x Serial Killer
♫Popular Kid x Outcast
♫Outcast x Bad boy/girl
Immortal x Mortal

-D&D Storyline Pairings-

Grumpy gunslinger x Cocky Wizard
Alcoholic Druid x Meat Head Barbarian
Abandoned Princess x Protective Paladin
God-like Mage x Vengeful Blood Hunter
Angry Artificer x Any other party member/class
Silent Bard x Any other party member/class
Clumsy Rouge x Any other party member/class
Naive Sorcerer x Any other party member/class
Magic 50%
Magic is rare, but not unheard of. Mundane characters may or may not believe in it. Magical characters may form small and exclusive pockets for study, protection, etc.
Technology 50%
Combat 50%
Combat is expected as part of the storyline but it won't dominate the plot.
Romance 80%
Romance will be a major feature of this plot.

Details: Character sheets & strict mechanics, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

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