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The Girl in the Clock

Hi all! I’m Moss and I Want to try and get myself out of my writing rut by redoing an old storyline I did back in the day but better.

The concept is my character is a young woman who lives in the large clocktower in the center of a (Gaslamp Fantasy/Steampunk/Clockpunk) city. She’s quite an outsider, living alone and rarely leaving the clock in the day due to reasons I haven’t decided yet.

Now here’s where you come in. I had originally intended for character B to be a vampire but the more I think about it I think they could be any monster.

I want us to build the motivation for why they want to be together (probably a love of clocks and technology), what wants to drive them apart and why, and how they overcome that. I also don’t want to choose your character for you and leave the character open for whatever we decide to do.

I had originally imagined this to be a romantic plot but as I write this it could be either or a combination of the two.

What I’m bringing to you
- 1-4 paragraph range (4 being for things like openings and lore drops)
- 3rd person writing
- If we mesh well, long term rp
- if we mesh even better, best friendship 5ever
- Exciting collaborative world and story building

I rp primarily on discord
reply if you’re interested! cant wait to write with you!

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