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greetings. this is probably the weirdest place to post a thread looking for artist recs, but like...rpers always know where the good niche artists are.

my go-to artist (peritwinkle pls open your comms again i am literally begging you) for drawing asians is unavailable, and i can't find ANYONE who can actually draw them correctly. artists always either give them a very prominent double eyelid or they turn their noses into cute little buttons instead of the aquiline hook ones i want. i totally get that asians are hard to draw, but dayum, at least don't emphasize the eyelids

if yall know of any artists that can manage to make a southeast asian look like a southeast asian, slide their handles on over, i will pay good money(tm) to have accurate portraits for my girls. most of them have been so whitewashed by their art from others that i have to loudly yell "THEY'RE ASIAN THEY'RE ASIAN THEY'RE ASIAN" when commissioning people lmfao
Hey there! Let's just say, I get equally frustrated. Most of my characters (all now that I'm looking at them lol) are POC. I believe I have a good grasp for what you're looking for, but I'll just slide some examples in here for you to check out. I've actually drawn mostly darker characters, so it's a little difficult for me now to pull off a Caucasian or fair skinned look, haha. Anyhow..

Ex 1: breakdown of a very dark skinned character with more of a curved nose.

Ex 2: A couple takes on Asians with and without a prominent monolid.

Ex 3: Just me flaunting my dark skinned rendered headshots lol. To prove I don't just sketch XD

You can also check out my character profiles for more of my works. All the links to other sites where I post my art are on my profile as well. If it works for you, feel free to shoot me a PM! If not, I hope you find a good artist to pull this off! I do know one, but she's not taking commissions either :')

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