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Hello. I'm just sort of hunting around to find people who might be interested in working on a long term campaign. The reason I don't post this in "Seeking RP" is because I'm not quite ready to actually run it yet. A little info....

I have not played DnD for a very long time, since 3.5 edition. At that time, I often ran campaigns because I was the only person with a knack for it. I enjoy running campaigns, and often go very in depth, employing a lot of house ruled mechanics to enhance the experience. I also prefer to go for narrative/character driven campaigns rather than pure dungeon crawling types.

I still have to invest in the new books and refresh myself on the new system/rules, but I prefer to work with my players before beginning to weave their characters into the setting for a more organic feeling.

Anyways. This would certainly be a mature thing, not for kids. It isn't intended to be smutty, but can certainly involve eroticism and romance, as well as graphic violence and language.

A popular house rule I like to employ.
-Fate System: Essentially, I as the DM begin the game with a pool of Fate points with 1 FP for each player. This pool grows as the combined levels of the players goes up. I can at any time, use a Fate Point to alter the outcome of any single dice roll. However, in doing this, I award the Fate Point to the player who's roll was modified. Once a player has a Fate Point, they can in turn, once per day, use a Fate Point to do the same thing and alter the result of any one dice roll made by that player. I reserve the right to also award Fate Points for players who take major risks, employ uniquely creative tactics, or generally exceptional performance. I am a fan of theatrics, and roleplaying, and like to reward my players for really owning their character roles.

General game concepts.
-The setting for this campaign centers around a very large city named Amon Kobe. Amon Kobe was built around the entrance to a labyrinthine dungeon known only as "The Foundry." It was an adventure town at first, developed to support and take advantage of the heroes and explorers who traveled there from far and wide seeking fortune. Now it is a bustling clockwork metropolis with hundreds of thousands of citizens. Ruled by a number of magical themed factions, from a council of Wizards and Historians, to a Magi-tech cult of artificer-mages, a Cabal of merchant princes and bankers with a personal army, and an Adventurers Guild.

All the factions have quest lines formed from a sort of 'ladder' system that stand alone, yet certain plot lines can be interrupted by decisions made in other factions quests. There is an overarching macro-plot as well, but that can almost be ignored entirely if the players make certain decisions, or simply do not pursue it. It is designed to be a freeform RPG, where the players can choose to pursue their own smaller scale personal stories/narratives, and/or pursue grander designs with far reaching consequences. Some quests will even require leaving Amon Kobe, but the original city will always be the home port.

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