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Forums » Looking for RP » Idol x fan romance Rp (Slow burn)

Y/c goes to a concert to see their favorite group and has a backstage pass to meet them. They go backstage to chat with the group a bit before going on a date with Taeryn. That one date turns into multiple until a few years have passed and they are about to get married to their celebrity crush.
Magic 50%
Magic is rare, but not unheard of. Mundane characters may or may not believe in it. Magical characters may form small and exclusive pockets for study, protection, etc.
Technology 50%
Combat 00%
No combat. If problems arise, players may be expected to solve it without resorting to violence.
Romance 70%
Romance is required, but may take some time to develop. For example: slow burn RPs.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred.

You are on: Forums » Looking for RP » Idol x fan romance Rp (Slow burn)

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