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Scarlett (played anonymously)

So this is my newest character and I'm looking for some RP.

1. Please reply in at least a paragraph or more, it's not that hard to do.
2. Scarlett is a seductive type of vampire and will like to kill humans. If I RP with a human, it's gonna take a while for her to like them.
3. I usually like to do long term RPs and I like action and romance.
4. I probably will not RP with a werewolf, unless it is a hybrid.
5. You must try your best to use proper grammar and spelling.
6. This can either be a forum RP or PM. It just depends how much fighting we want and romance. I do live for the thrill.

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Zane Riox (played by InsaneShadow)

I'll give it a shot. ;)
Scarlett (played anonymously)

Would you like to do it over PM or forum? It just depends on how violent you want to get and such.
Zane Riox (played by InsaneShadow)

I think PM would be better because Zane is a half-demon hunter, so you can expect fountains of blood. ;)
Scarlett (played anonymously)

Okay. ;) Do you have a plot in mind?
Zane Riox (played by InsaneShadow)

Nope, do you want to talk it out in a PM before we start?
Scarlett (played anonymously)

Sure. Can you PM me? I have to run and go do something.
Zane Riox (played by InsaneShadow)

It might be fun to see how Daimonas and Scarlett interact because of the fact that Dai is a wolf demon who does not have a pack and has never encounter a vampire before but the scent of death and blood would give him a warning to stay away.
Scarlett (played anonymously)

That sounds interesting. Does he know his true form yet?
Actually, no he does not yet.
Scarlett (played anonymously)

Well it sounds very interesting. I would love to do this RP. She will use harsh language, violence, and seduction when she feels the need to.
That is fine with me but I do ask that there won't be any smut, I prefer fade-to-blacks due to the fact that I am in a relationship.

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