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I know very little about web design, but I think it would be really cool if there was a way to somehow embed a video so it would auto play on our character pages, letting us pick music to help set the mood for our characters, I know other sites have a feature like this, but I again have no idea how it would be implemented here. Just a cool idea I thought wouldn't be remiss on this site.
You can't make it autoplay (and I think a lot of people would find it disruptive if things autoplayed anyway), but there is a way to embed YouTube videos:
[youtube]put the video URL here[/youtube]
Here's an embedded video as an example:

And there's other stuff you can do too, if you don't already know: I think it even has stuff about changing the height and width of embeded videos?
Kim Site Admin

While you CAN embed Youtube and Vimeo videos as SoupGremlin has pointed out, we have specifically disallowed autoplay throughout the history of the site, because while it's fun to design with, it can cause a huge number of problems for people actually viewing the character profile.

Imagine you work at a spa and you're browsing on a break from work and suddenly death metal unexpectedly comes blaring from your phone. Or, imagine that you're someone who almost always has music already playing on their computer, and a second song starts playing at the same time as the thing you had actually chosen to listen to and you can't figure out where it's coming from. Or, imagine you have a phone with a super restrictive data plan and you just automatically started playing a video you didn't choose to, eating up some of your precious data. These are just a few examples, but hopefully you can see why so many people on the 'net consider auto-play music/videos to be a rude thing to force on them. :)

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