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So anyway I have noticed ALOT of Rps are very serious ones... Well that's nice but sometimes we like to have a silly day, Or in this case rp. Anyways your a colonist on a ship you think is headed for paradise, A brand new world even better than Earth (You know, No global warming or pollution) However a strange Asteroid gives off some strange readings, Causing the ships engines to fail, Systems to glitch and has a physiological effects on people and all sorts of hilarity breaks out, Systems failing, Food replicators giving funny or wrong orders or might just not stop. It makes some people do crazy and stupid things (Like one man thought he was a chicken god who could breath fire and drink gravy to become a giant chicken with devil horns and had a giant letter C on his right wing... Ya we got nothing either) So don't expect to sleep for like... the rest of your life

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