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I haven't had a chance to RP Sabek just yet, and I'd really like to so I can build on her personality a bit! While she's based off of World of Warcraft trolls, I'm not necessarily asking for WoW based RP- a general low-tech fantasy setting would be great.

Plots are awesome, but chance meetings are good too - anything for me to get a feel of how I want to play the character.

I'm not picky; PM or forum RP work just fine, and I can do 1x1 or a group.

I could RP Withyou (Maybe a WoW NOOB or something like that, shoot any suggestions)

I have a rogue character based off a guy I played in WoW if you're interested. He doesn't tend to be a big fan of the Horde usually but we could always work out a scenario for RP.

I'd love to RP with both of you! (:

That sounds like that'd work out just fine, DragonShard. Sabek's more of a neutral party anyway.

And Chris, anything you'd have that could fit into the setting would be great- no need for you to have to create something new.

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