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I watch lots of anime and read (buy way too much) manga and I enjoy soooo many stories, to be honest, from the older ones to the new ones BUT... Have you seen a romance story as adorable and wholesome as this one? 😭💕

Skip and Loafer - Opening


I can actually think of others that were quite wholesome instead of dramatic and complicated, not that I don't enjoy drama, but this feels somehow refreshing! Just... simple, adorable and funny.

Mmmh Another one that I liked a lot was Ore Monogatari and My clueless first friend. Oh and I think Wotakoi was also quite chill to watch and read.

I'm a huge fan of romantic anime too! I think a really cute one is Toradora! It had drama and could be just a bit confusing(and rushed maybe) but the character ships were cute and I think the crisscross crushes were interesting.
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Oooh yes I do know Toradora! Although there was more drama involved there and some drama and tension around that's why I didn't mention it, but it's true that the characters relationship was pretty wholesome despite it all!

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