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Barbara Pegg (played anonymously)

Komaniya Express, the famous delivery company, has a very special employee working under them. At a glance, she resembles an adorably dressed teenage girl with two tails swaying behind her. Though she treats each of her customers with kindness and generosity, secretly she sometimes takes to running quietly across rooftops to ensure none of her deliveries arrive late...

Though her obvious nature as a youkai drew more than few comments at first, as Kirara introduced herself with honesty and clarity time and time again while conducting her tasks with dutifulness and effectiveness, people not only dropped all lingering misgivings but even grew grateful for her presence. "Safe and punctual," "service assured," "vivacious and adorable"... These three phrases are words most commonly used to describe Kirara on the feedback board. Word is that if you give her a five-star rating or offer her some snacks, you might even see Kirara's face brighten with gratitude as her tails whirl with building joy.

To Kirara, her job is as precious as any jewel. She treasures everything about human society and is always overjoyed to behold the smiling faces of her customers. Thus, she gives her all to offer the best service she can for everyone she caters to. After all, if she finds herself fired by the company, all she can do is return being a youkai in the mountains.

Thankfully, her boss at Komaniya Express had never even considered the idea of releasing her. Contrarily, they privately asked Kirara if she wanted higher pay and to transition into comparatively less effortful secretarial work, but Kirara rejected their offer with haste. She didn't have the heart to tell her boss that, to her, every time she leaves to make a delivery, it feels like she's getting to enjoy an outing at the public's expense!

"Welcome, and thank you for choosing Komaniya Express!"

Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Azumi calls the Komaniya Express while her master, Ren, was washing the dishes after they had just eaten lunch.

"Hello! I am calling this number to remind you of my delivery that concerns a Jinmenju tree! You know those yokai trees with human faced fruit? I think it was also a bonsai. When shall it arrive?", She said on the call

"Azumi, did you really have to buy me that tree? You know I suck with bonsai trees!", Ren said in the distance

"Oh be grateful for your gift, dear! It's my reward for all your hardwork after that last album we released. It was selling well, you know!", Azumi giggled as she waited for a response on the line
Barbara Pegg (played anonymously) Topic Starter

"Thank you for choosing Komaniya Express! How may I help you?" The cheerful and smiling voice can be heard when the salespeople picked up the phone. The other party whom calling them to remind about their late package made the employee in surprised because it was such a rare occasion to have their order late in shipment. Their Gold Level Courier should have delivered their shipment to the right place in no time as the company subtle in their fast express and deliver within half a day was their well-known slogan. "We are so sorry for the inconvenience, Madam. We will make sure your package will come quickly."

Somewhere far in the village, a young nekomata leaps into the air with all the agility of a cat passing through the bushes, wondering through her new environment and follows the path through her delivery written on their package. "I hope this is the right place. That was such a difficult journey." Kirara went on full-speed mode before arrived in front of the customer's place. She dropped the package carefully on their mailbox. "Excuse me, your package is here! Thank you for choosing Komaniya Express!" Kirara beamed.
Ciel (played anonymously)

A young man walked up, not Ciel, but rather one of his mansion's staff, Sebastian, who was a tall, slender man dressed in all black, as a butler would be, and had black hair and dark brown eyes with a hint of red to them.


"Ah, hello there, miss." He stopped upon seeing the nekomata. "I have came here on the behalf of my young master. You see, he has requested a order involving the shipment of quite a few board games from an entrepreneur who works for a company called McLoughlin Brothers."

The devilish butler gave a warm smile, "Have you received the package from the company? If so, I would much like if you could send it the master's way soon."
Barbara Pegg (played anonymously) Topic Starter

After the nekomata had her successful shipment of the bonsai tree and delivered the package to the customer even though it had a slight delay, she went back to the headquarters with a happy heart, because the burden had been lifted. Not long after that, a young man walked up to the building and proceed their shipment. "Another package? I will deliver it right away, sir!" Kirara saluted to the butler. After the sales person gave her the package that they received from the company of shipment, Kirara read the address and quickly slither away from the office and leave the butler to ship the package.

"Thank you for choosing Komaniya Express, sir." the sales person bow politely to the butler.

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