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all is one the table. whats on the table? whatever you put on it....

all rp content placed into the thread is cannon, it can be a reply to someone else or something else entirely. here are the rules:

1- maintain a response length of at least 1 paragraph, its called advanced for a reason
2- no contradictions, if timmy makes the sign on Shillington layn yellow you can't make it green
3- don't ignore it, if something happens make sure to make notice or note of it either as a narration or threw character
4- t-1 combat, if a fight breaks out follow standard t-1 combat.
5- when replying qoute them so theres no confusion as to what or who your respondin too

[ i have zero confidence anyone will respond but i have nothing too do at its 2 am so we're doing this]

rolled 10d12 and got a natural 73. After the modifier of +7, got 80
12 7 9 4 2 10 9 6 5 9

Note: i just wanted to test this out

As the triplets walked through town, they stopped at every vendor possible. Long lines? Who cares. Expensive? One or two items each, save for cheap stuff. Food? Ahh, who would turn that down? Suddenly, Seth saw a girl.

"Dude look at her, she's gorgeous," Seth said quietly to his brothers, motioning towards a girl at the clock/watch vendor.

Johnny and Josh looked at her, "Go talk to her. Get her number or something," Josh replied.

"Nah I don't wanna creep her out."

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