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Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce a pet project of mine that I am actively seeking collaborators for.


✦ Draco II: A Sci-Fi Roleplaying Game ✦

In the far future, in an age beyond the stars humanity and its contemporaries have spread across the stars in a multi-galactic expansion, the denizens of each cast down their own names in history. Draco II is a relatively uncharted galaxy with an unusual density of resources and life-bearing planets beyond what anyone could have hoped for, an oasis in the middle of the cold lifeless void of space, the sheer wealth offered by its planets and stars have fuelled powerful hegemons and rival factions constantly vying for greater control in an unending power struggle. You belong to one of the three, given command of your ship and tasked with accomplishing the objectives set forth by your superiors, you venture out into the stars as a pioneer, in a galaxy rife with danger and excitement you will put down your name in history, to the stars !



The Terran Union

In this future despite advances in robotics and artificial intelligence, human components started to become cheaper and more dispensable, several poorly managed mining colonies and large industrial factorums sprung up, the people living in these squalid conditions bore great hardships outnumbering the wealthier citizens and elites but forced to trade their labor in exchange for subsistence. Eventually, political dissent and civil disobedience took root and were met with violence setting off a series of events that would come to be known as the Greater Draconian Revolution, it was in the fires of this revolution that an autocratic, collectivist nation known as the Terran Union would be born. The unions disciplined, stubborn, no-nonsense and authoritarian governance proved effective as they were able to wrestle a monopoly over Industry and Raw Materials trade at a cost of a great many lives. By manpower, the union is the largest nation, its leadership adamant to not make the same mistakes as their corporate forebearers exercise a far harsher approach suppressing its citizens at the first sign of dissent and ensuring everything remains in order, a necessary evil to control such a vast territory, naturally given the industrial might of the union, it has the largest military by number though largely unsophisticated and relies on its heavily armed and armored dreadnoughts to muscle in terms where diplomacy doesn't work. The union insists its large military exists as a defense force however this has left other nations skeptical moreso given the conspiracy of how it "negotiated" with certain colonies and worlds into joining the union. The union has butted heads with the other two faction but they keep the beast at bay since the unions labor, minerals and manufacture benefit the greater galaxy, effective propaganda campaigns, state policing and effective rationing keeps the population compliant.

Union ships emphasize a no-nonsense approach to combat, they are heavily armored, unsophisticated but effective, and focus on dealing huge amounts of damage in a short timeframe to destroy the enemy as quickly as possible all while being able to tank more than a few hits. A lack of advanced technology means their detection systems are primitive and they cannot manufacture shield generators, so their bulky ships are naturally up-armored. Union ships do poorly guarding shipping lanes or performing strategic tasks, when they do arrive, they arrive in force and their goal is simple, complete and utter annihilation of the enemy.

Has 200 Hull Strength instead of 100
No Shields
Makes 2 attack moves after the third turn
Can add a 1d10 firepower modifier to any attack move once per game

Radar Scan: Use a turn to acquire a radar signature which lasts for the next 8 turns, radar signatures are required to use artillery barrages, decimator torpedos, thermochemical missiles. If target is stealthed then use a 1d10 roll and use 5 and above to acquire radar signature.

Thermochemical Missile 1d12 - On 11-12 inflict 1d12 damage upon target for the next 2 turns)

Artillery Barrage: If radar signature acquired make a d20(-d4) attack roll with precision penalty

Decimator Torpedos - 2d20 - if you roll a 20 on either of the two turns, add +1d20 attack modifier, takes 1 turn to impact, an enemy can choose to make a 1d10 evasion roll without taking any other action within the current turn or next turn (5-7=Negate one d20 roll in terms of damage) or (8-10=Negate both rolls entirely)

Artillery Strike: d12(-d4) (Base Damage-Precision)

Rocket Salvo d4*d4 (Base DamagexAccuracy)

Autocannon Burst - Make a 1d10 roll, on 1-6 roll a 1d8 for damage, on 7-10 roll a 1d12, consider miss on zero.

Autocannon Blaze - On a 1d12 autocannon roll, you can choose to overload the weapon, make a second 1d12 attack roll. On 1-5 on the second role inflict a 1d10 self damage roll and prevent usage of the autocannon for 1 turn.

Electromagnetic Ramming - After the sixth turn, make two d20 rolls, one attack roll if 18-20 then disable shields for 2 turns, stun target for one turn and add a +1d10 modifier to your next attack. The second roll, one -1d20 roll for self inflicted damage on 18-20 make another -1d12 roll for self inflicted damage. Can only use once.

Heavy Cannons - After third turn, make 1d20 attack roll with a 2 turn cooldown



The entity known as the Conglomerate was originally meant to administer and oversee economic initiatives at the frontier as a segment of the federation, however, in response to political factionalism affecting their stocks and initiatives, the corporate leadership decided to make the Conglomerate an independent entity. A company masquerading as a nation, the conglomerate effectively only values business and runs itself like one. They are concerned with progress, profit and innovation and reinforce this through a strict hierarchy at the top of which are the Holders, stakeholding hierarchs that form the council and authorize all conglomerate initiatives. Everyone can have a stake in its initiatives and as such the Conglomerate conducts its business with a highly professional code of honor however, this echoes the criminal organizations of earths past more than a prosperous company. Everything is dispensable and fair-game so long as it makes a profit or prevents a loss, everything has to do with bars on a screen, which begs the question what does the Conglomerate do, to answer briefly, it offers financial services, private security and military aid particularly to big shipping companies, leasing or renting anything it deems its property often at exorbitant costs which naturally equals a lot of extortion, corruption, circulation of contraband and murder. The wealthiest denizens of the galaxy often find themselves lured to the conglomerate, the promise of profits, the security of their assets and freedom from any form of governance or law is assured.

The conglomerate prizes innovation and advanced technology, free from squabbling bureaucracies They've made spectacular advances in such matters however even innovation must make compromises. Their ships are designed with a modicum of practicality and costs in mind focusing on a philosophy of Hit First, Hit Fast and Don't Get Hit. Their technologies play into this, much like a patient hunter lays out a skillful trap to slay a beast, conglomerate ships feature expert pilots who can use the plethora of abilities afforded by their ships effectively. Conglomerate ships become nigh-invincible as combat draws out

Hull Strength =75 Shields=40
Starts Game Stealthed
Deploys Drones acting as modifiers
Uses energy weapons - low damage but inflict status effects acting as penalties or effects
Once per game can completely ignore any attacks made during a turn and regenerate +10 shields.

Escort Drone: Deploys at start, after the third turn make a 1d4 shield regeneration roll and inflicts a 1d4 attack roll for each subsequent turn, can be sacrified for a -1d8 roll against an enemy attack, the escort drone cannot be redeployed.

Targetting Drone - Use 1 turn to deploy a targeting drone this is a drone with 12 HS that is needed to use all weapons apart from the particle whip and gauss arcs and is deployed with stealth, once per turn an enemy must make a 1d10 detection roll and score 5 or above otherwise the drone remains undetected. When this drone is destroyed, take a 2 turn delay and deploy another, if a targeting drone exists after 6 turns add +10 to any attack roll. Does not stack.

Kamikaze Drone - Use one turn to deploy a loitering drone, once deployed you can choose to make a 1d10 attack roll on any subsequent turn and will stun the target on 6 and above for 1 turn, or alternatively a loitering drone can intercept an attack move for -1d6 and be destroyed. These drones can stack

Regenerator Drone - Use one turn to deploy a regenerator drone that exists for the next 3 turns, roll 1d10 on each turn and add to shields (this can boost shields above maximum), if HS damage is sustained also roll 1d10 for each turn and add to HS. These drones can stack.

Particle Whip - Roll 1d6, On 6- stun the target for the next turn, the target cannot make attack moves, if particle whip is used on a stunned target add a +1d8 modifier.

Entropic Lance - Roll 1d12 for base damage, Roll 1d4 if 4, Roll another 1d12 for damage and stun the target for 1 turn.

Targetting Harpoon - Roll 1d4, on 4 The targeting harpoon attaches for the next 3 turns and can be used as a 1d10 attack modifier or left on the target.

Gauss Arc Generator - Roll 1d6, on 6, roll another 1d4 on 3 or 4, roll another 1d4 - keep stacking until 1 or 2.

Disintegration Array - On a target that is stunned after an entropic lance and has a targetting harpoon attached make a 3d20 attack roll and stun the target for 2 turns, on a target that is stunned and has a targetting harpoon attached make a 1d20 attack roll and stun the target for 1 turn.

Plasmic Nanite Swarm - On a target that is stunned, make a 1d8 attack roll, on 7 or 8, inflict 1d6 damage on that target for the next three turns.

Warp Jump - Make a -1d10 roll against an enemy attack roll and inflict stun on yourself for the next turn, if 9 or 10 regain stealth status and make enemy lose lock.



Priding itself on principles of democracy and freedom, the Federation represents the largest collective force of humanity throughout the known universe, their power varies from galaxy to galaxy but they are concerned with administering, governing and servicing the massive human population, citizens of the federation are subject to many laws and not all are necessarily equal but are given the opportunity to progress through the free market. As a paragon of education, culture, and advancement, the federation claims to hold the best interests of the human race and places an emphasis on opposing tyranny in all its forms and ensuring all humans lead a meaningful and rewarding life. In truth, the squabbling bureaucratic government, volatile economy, taxation and performative policies and law enforcement of the Federation cause much woe and injustice though it holds to noble principles these are difficult to bring into practice and behind the glamor of its megacities many face difficult lives owing to lawlessness, drugs, and criminal enterprise nevertheless, the federation claims to have and work for a better vision of the future relentlessly, it enforces itself as the legitimate authority and will not hesitate to bring freedom and democracy to any oppressed colonies in its sphere of influence.

The federation navy is an honored and historic institution that has proven itself in battle several times over, particularly while defending humanity from the incursions of other races. These ships excel at dishing out a decent amount of damage and making themselves more survivable, lending to an adaptability and versatility not seen in other ships, the reason for this is that federation ships are manufactured in fixed shipyards and their military equipment is imported from outside the Draco galaxy in the form of naval contingents, they focus on a philosophy of threat reduction and gaining strategic advantages. The federation navy excels at duelling with tough opponents, they can change their strategy to what is most advantageous. In simple words, improvise, adapt and overcome.

HS:100 Shields:20
Hybrid Strategy
Ability to modify defense and offense
Ability To Intercept enemy attacks
Once per game can make a 30 point transdimensional bombardment attack that cannot miss
Once per game can regain 20 HS

Target Designation Module - Start the game with a free d10 stealth detection roll - on 5 and above target is considered detected, on 8-10 you are granted the Locked On Target status which adds a 1d10 modifier to your first attack roll and puts a 1d6 penalty on the enemys first attack roll. If you fail this, then you must use a turn to use a turn to repeat. When TDM has been activated, at the start of every turn gain a free 1d4 roll, if 4 then you gain the locked on status. Federation ships cannot attack if TDM is not active.

Centurion Close-In-Weapons System - Make a d6 attack roll - on 6 use a -d8 penalty modifier on the enemy's next attack roll and if you get an 8 make a d10 counter attack roll. Can use as a -1d6 modifier against an enemy attack with a 1 turn cooldown, if locked on during that turn use as a -1d12 modifier against an enemy attack.

Cruise Missile - Make a d12 attack roll, if locked on make a d20 attack roll - alternatively, if locked on a cruise missile can choose to destroy a drone or destroy a thermochemical missile. (Can use for a maximum of 6 times)

Precision Strikes - Make a d8 attack roll, if locked on make a d12 roll if 11 or 12, permanently destroy one of the enemy's weapon/ability systems and prevent them from utilizing it in combat and stun them, you can only destroy two enemy systems.

Railgun Battery - If you locked on and were locked on for the last turn make a 3d12 attack that stuns the enemy for 1 turn and gives you locked on status on 2 and 3 for the next 2 turns

Fighter-Bombers - If locked on and the enemy is stunned, deploy fighter bombers for 3 turns inflict 1d6 damage upon enemy for each of the three turns and use two -1d6 modifiers against the next two enemy attacks. Fighter bombers destroy one drone if enemy is conglomerate or inflict an additional 1d6 damage at the end of the three turns if enemy is union.

Plasmic Spear - Make a 2d12 attack after the third turn, if you get a 12 on any of the two rolls, disable one enemy weapon system for 3 turns. No cooldown.

Emergency Maneuvers: Make a 1d20 roll on 18 or higher completely negate one attack move from the enemy, on 12-17 roll a -1d8 for damage reduction. This move cannot be made if stunned and has a three turn cooldown.

EMP Jammer: Roll a 1d10 on 5 and above, apply a -1d4 penalty to all enemy attacks for the next 6 turns, this move does no direct damage.

This is all the source material i've generated thus far I will provide a simple rundown for how the game works
    Each Ship and Entity is Afforded an HS value for Health and optionally a Shields Value - Shields take damage first

    There is no fixed system of stats instead each player functions via cycling and managing their abilities

    The game uses dice = d4,d6,d8,d10,d12 and d20

    There are two types of events in game - encounters and events

    Events are instances that provide potential buffs, penalties, damage or status effects and are resolved via a d10 percentile dice and the GM's discretion on what score is required for the situation to be resolved successfully. This requires a GM to understand the pros, cons and lore of each faction to some degree.

    These are always non-combat and non-engagement but an event can lead into an encounter e.g. Conglomerate might be more successful navigating a minefield than Union because of more agile ships or scouting drones.

    Encounters are combat based and use multiple kinds of dice depending on the ability utilizing them, these are typically against monsters or opponents.

Now that that's addressed lets move onto the part I need collaborators for - Namely, Balance and Game Development - I understand everything has been developed from a theory standpoint thus far but ensuring a fair and intriguing playstyle is important hence in a "second edition" of the game I will be discussing potential buffs and nerfs with collaborators once we've run a few games. Now from the game development standpoint I require people to help me generate a monster manual - each " monster " e.g. space pirates, aliens - has an HS value, shields value and up to three abilities and are faced via encounters, defeating certain monsters or completing certain events can be part of quests or contracts that the character is responsible for. I also need a number of people to play this obviously acting as GM's and others and make characters in this universe.

To conclude the agenda for collaborators will be to review factions and buff/nerf accordingly, for a few people to run games with myself or them as GM's and also to generate a monster manual for which i'm thinking we generate about 50 monsters for the first edition.

If this project bears fruit, then three months from now likely in december, based on feedback from collaborators and others, we will work together on releasing a second edition.

That's all from me, give me your thoughts and ideas !

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