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The red sky seemed to shift every so often. The noise of the vehicles and chattering barely seemed to distract him.

A small cup of coffee chilling rested before a tall avian. His head bent as his eyes scanned the pages of a black and silver grimoire.

The iron chair he sat upon seemed to barely phase him.

A woman covered in black ink stood before him and cleared her throat.

Sirius raised an eyebrow. “Can I help you Netta?” His tone clearly amused.

Netta pulled out one of the black iron chairs. The legs of the chair scraped against the pale cement. “I want to talk to you.”

Sirius snorted but didn’t look up from his book. “That much is obvious.”

Netta sighed and parted her ruby lips. “ You never have been one for pleasantries. I want to know your thoughts on the princess’s little project.”

Sirius frowned and he glanced up at her wearily. “No you don’t. I am not a nice man. I haven’t ever been.”

Netta eyed Sirius’s grey feathers with a purple hue. Both of her eyebrows raised. One of her hands trembled lightly. She clasped her other hand over it. “You changed,” she whispered softly.

“I have not changed! You saw only what you wanted to see.” Sirius sternly spoke. He then turned his attention back to his grimoire.

Netta’s voice shook. “Sure you were stingy with your help, but you always had some sort of advice. You helped in small ways. You always came through in dire situations. Sirius you gave us hope when none could be found. You gave up life to save the world. You gave up your immortality.”

Sirius huffed. Items from the other tables floated and then slammed back down. “I wasn’t done! There was so much I had yet, to experience! I wanted to live to find new knowledge, to know forgotten information. I wanted to walk beside humanity and find ways to avert the end times!”

“Yet, you gave it up.” She smiled softly at him.

“The world did not deserve to end like that! There is too much undiscovered. Too much beauty would be wasted!” Sirius slammed the grimoire closed. “What is this about before I forget our association,” he growled at her.

“I want, what I wanted from the beginning your opinion on the Hazbin Hotel.”

Sirius placed the grimoire on the table. He stood up and slammed his feathered hands down on it. “ Asinine, the whole thing is done by a naive narcissistic child.”

“She doesn’t seem narcissistic. I think if you talked with her. You would offer your help. She could explain herself to you.” Netta leaned forward and moved her hands as a way to express herself.

“No, I would not. She took the easiest option, the first option she could think of. She decided those were the ones she could save.” He closed his eyes while breathing deeply.

“You don’t know if she’s seeking other ways Sirius.” Netta’s voice held a firm tone.

Sirius opened his eyes “Did she seek other options? Is she seeking other options,” said sirius. “What is this truly about,” he questioned her.

“That’s what she could use you for,” Netta shouted. “You are floating sirius barely hanging on, turning your back, when you need hope the most.”

Sirius picked up his grimoire. His red eyes narrowed, and shined brightly. The raged beneath his feathers simmered. “We are done here.” He walked away.

Netta closed her eyes. “I wished that were true my once upon a time immortal man.”
Sirius The Sinner (played by Sinceritymornings) Topic Starter

Broken Mortality Part: one: Plea

Sirius glanced toward a dome shaped ceiling with holy depictions. He pinched his nostrils. A few tears slowly slid down his face.

Sirius lifted his pale hand away. “I can’t believe I’m going to do this,” he whispered softly.

Sirius stumbled forward slightly. His gaze adjusting to the golden cross.

His black dress shoes tapped against marble white floors. Sirius made it to the cross and Kneeled. He spread his hands out.

“I know you, but you do not know me. I will not ask for forgiveness. I plead-before your grace. You will probably turn me away.” Sirius turned his head down. “Don’t leave it end like this. Don’t let the beauty, the knowledge, the future go. I’m terrified.”

“I am not strong enough. They are not strong enough. They will die, and then the earth, and the next world after that. Have mercy on your children.”

Sirius drew in a shaky breath memories of being a boy flooded his mind. A green tunic with tan pants and barely threaded together hide boots. The weather warm, shinning on his face. Then all of his other memories flooded his head. The people he met, the worlds he visited and the things he experienced.

He frowned his eyebrow’s ends raised. “I don’t want it end. I don’t want to die like this.” Sirius fell before the cross sadness replaced by rage. “You won’t give me a choice will you!” He glared at it. Sirius kneeled once again.

“I will give my immortality up. I will die, if you allow death to help me. Give this world a fighting chance! You are the God of it aren’t you?”

Death appeared before him cleaning out his ear. “You don’t have to be so loud.I was given permission to intervene just this once. So make it count. You will die after this no taking it back.”

Death breathed in deep. “Finally like I purposely infected you the bubonic,
Tuberculosis, and lots of other stuff. I was hoping you would give up on immortality. You survived all of that, and now you’re going to die.”

Sirius’s eye lids fell slightly. He gave death an unimpressed look.

Death chuckled. “Alright so where do we have to go to his creature?

Sirius tilted his head up, and pointed. “up with the stars.”
Sirius The Sinner (played by Sinceritymornings) Topic Starter

Broken Mortality: part Two: Death and the Petty Immortal

“Are you crying,” death exclaimed. His smile widened. The black shroud surrounding him bellowed as he stood proudly. “You, fear me, that’s adorable.”

Sirius took a deep breath. “I’m not crying because of you, I’m crying because of what I am loosing. Do you understand how many worlds are out there! The creatures, plants, and magic I have not met. Do you know the beauty of the morning, the setting or raising sun? The twinkle of the twilight. How magic feels beneath the fingertips? Emotions, surprises all gone into blackness.”

Death narrowed his hollow eyes. “My irritating, long-lived acquaintance that’s called fear.”

Sirius stood. “I do not fear you!”

Death puffed out his chest. He shouted back causing the church to rumble. “You fear, boy! Hahaha,” death cackled waving his saith.

Sirius gapped, his eyes wide. He inhaled. “Well, then shall we leave?” He started walking away.

Death finished posturing. “Yes, but how are we going to get there?”

Sirius ignored him and continued on his way.

Death chased after him. “Hey, don’t ignore me. Fearing death is reasonable. I mean I’m intimidating.”
Sirius The Sinner (played by Sinceritymornings) Topic Starter

Broken Morality Part Three: Face of the Endless

Death grumbled gliding after Sirius. How many years has it been? How many centuries. The olde days still very much apart of the man in front of him. Death closed his eyes. Death came easy in those days. A tireless effort, even with less people.

Sirius stopped walking and turned around. He motioned for death to come closer.

Death followed suite until he saw the grimoire open. “Nope, I may dress like a dark lad, but I do not condone the use of magic.” He twirled his saith around, the blade smacked against the ground. He then stepped on the curve, Saluted Sirius and blasted off.

Sirius’s head shot up. His eyes rolled. “ I will never understand him.” After that sirius was gone among the stars.

Death was already was there waiting.

Sirius glanced around and behind him. A fuzzy feeling erupted inside him. He smiled brightly. “It’s beautiful.” His eyes took in every thing. The black emptiness the stars, the asteroids, planets and the earth. “Everytime, I see this, I have a sense of wonder,” Sirius spoke in awe.

Death cocked his head. “Need a moment alone. Cause I….”

Sirius whipped around and narrowed his eyes. He roughly floated over to death. “I almost forgot how irritating you are.”

Both of their attention switched to a black forming mass. The mass appeared made of squiggly lines. It had a multitude of eyes, lips, and arms sticking out in every direction.

“Hero have you come to die?” It spoke sending shivers through down Sirius’s back.

“No, I’ve come to live,” Sirius responded.

Death narrowed his eyes and grunted. He put a hand on his hip. “How rude.”

“And who is this,” the squiggly line mass asked.

“The end all be all, death himself,” said Sirius.

“Haha, how thrilling The Endless meeting the end.”

Death pointed at Endless. “This thing is uglier than sin.”

Sirius grumbled but summoned his Grimoires. His entire body encased by them. He surrounded the earth in a shield using several.

“Okay, we doing this. Death shook his shoulders out.”

Endless rolled around pounding a fist into nothing. “Haven’t you learned there isn’t anything you can do. I will devour this world, and the worlds after it. I will consume everything in my wake.”

Sirius lifted a leg and moved his arms. He sent a grimoire flying into endless. “Not as long as I stand, and I’m immortal. There is no last breath for me. Even if you consume me I still exist.”

The grimoire smacked endless who barely moved. “That tickles.”

Purple lighting exuded from the grimoire.

Endless grinned revealing unsettling large human teeth. The grimoire turned to ashes.

Death rushed forward slashing at the creature. His saith also turned to ash. He stood back gapping. “The ****.”

Sirius blinked. “Did you just cuss?”

Death turned and pointed a finger at Sirius. “You seen that right?”

Endless bit it’s main set of lips as a few of its lines detached and shot toward them.

Death narrowly dodged. Sirius dodged but lost two grimoires.

The endless quickly moved behind Sirius. It shot multiple arms at him.

Sirius fired off his grimoires using a mixture of various martial arts. Each book met the same fate.

Death summoned another saith. He glided through the asteroids, avoiding the arms, who started after him. It became a task to avoid them. He waved through the space debris. An arm managed to grabbed his shroud melting it away.

An arm broke through Sirius’s defenses, and grabbed the back of his head. It slowly sizzled.

“Arrgh,” he screamed. Sirius managed to control a grimoire to knock the arm away.

The back of Sirius’s head suddenly Scabbed and blistered. He fell to his knees huffing. He caught sight of Death in his own struggle.

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