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In the beginning, there was Fahlav; the void. Darkness and light had yet to exist, as did good and evil. In the void, there existed two primordial deities; Dagda; known by most as Father Time. And Danu, known by most as Mother Nature. From the seed of their bond, Fahlav formed into Do’an; The Universe, and with their hands the duo expanded the boundaries of the celestial realm. Beyond the reach of the stars they created; Har’ardev; the Otherworld.

When their work was complete, they rested. Dagda’s body became the heavens, known as Flahanas. Danu’s body became the earth, known as Tahlav.

From the chaos of the skies, Dagda bore his children; The Dragons, to enact his divine will. From the soil of the earth, Danu bore her children, the Shinsheri, the ancestors of all mortal races to prosper and multiply.

Balor was one of them. His dwelling lay beneath the sea, and he sought to rule over the land. He stole from the lifeblood of Danu and drank from it, in the hopes to obtain the power of the two gods. However, his hubris proved to be his undoing, as the lifeblood corrupted him into the Demon King, possessing a deadly eye that killed anything it gazed upon.

Angered by his misfortune, he stole more of Danu’s lifeblood and forged his own wretched creations; Fomorians; titans who crawled from the deepest chasms and marched along the depths of the ocean unto the land to spread destruction and chaos. These became known as the armies of Androchuul; The Evil Eye.

The Dragons fought back, waging a war that consumed the land in fire. The Shinsheri were terrified, and forced into deep dwellings. One by one, Dragons and Fomorians fell.

These are the years known as the Dragonfire Wars, where the nights were long and starless, where the lands sunk and the sea burned, where the winds howled in agony.

Lugh, the alienated grandson of Balor, was a demigod. He rebelled against his evil and took leave of Androchuul. He sought the counsel of the elusive Phantom-Queen; Morrigan, to lead the Dragons against Balor. Morrigan was impressed with Lugh’s craftsmanship. With her knowledge, he forged himself a spear known as Gae Assail, a weapon which only a demigod could wield.

Atop Mount Tarnach, Lugh defeated Balor; a strike so great, the spear ripped out Balor’s eye, and the mountain split into the sea. Balor fell and sunk, creating a pit so deep no light shone through; Awnun; the resting place of the wicked. The sea swallowed up the pit, imprisoning Balor in the Far East. The last of the Dragons placed a seal atop the pit, and vowed to never again wage another war.

As the Fomorians fled into the sea, and the Androchuul scattered, the Dragons faded into legend, and the Shinsheri rose from underground; few remained. Those who ventured forth, formed the Tuah Danavin, an order of druids who served in the name of Danu; mother nature. They made their home in the Valley of Smaraglaun, a sanctuary that is said to have survived the chaos of the Dragonfire Wars.

Morrigan crowned Lugh a savior, and vowed to hide Smaraglaun from the world so no one would corrupt it. Lugh led his own expedition beyond the Valley to safeguard the land.

On a lone island in the Forsail Bay, he began a new settlement, which he named Suthine, and became the land’s first king. At the end of his days, he ascended into Har’ardev.

The land that remained became known as Galdoa, which means, “Unto Valor.”

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