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hey so, i got a apple gift card recently and wanted to buy something on this site but found it has to be credit card/debit card
is that the only way?
Mina Moderator

The RPR shop accepts debit, credit, and PayPal. I have previously used a gift visa from Delta for purchases on RPR, though the card was a gift debit meant to be spent anywhere online. I did some digging for you though to see if it were possible! <3

Apple gift cards are from my understanding, branded gift cards like Target or Walmart gift cards. Info per Apple's website:
Apple wrote:
Apple Gift Cards are solely for the purchase of goods and services from the Apple Store, the Apple Store app,, the App Store, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Books, and other Apple properties.
Bell-Boi Topic Starter

ah, i see, well thank you for letting me know and taking your time to reply to this, i appreciate it!

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