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I want, nay need more emotes so I can properly express myself in the most important manner known to the interwbez. Kim, it is your sworn duty as RPR's most beloved (*coughandonlycough*) admin to fulfill this need for me and all of the fellow nerds that have come together on this most auspicious site! Chop chop or we will have to take away your guinea pig privileges.

Half joking, half serious suggestion if you couldn't tell everyone. XD But seriously, more emotes please!
Mina Moderator

Hi there, I can't help with this in an official, website magic capacity unfortunately buuuut~

I may have a helpful suggestion for you.

Did you know that on a Windows PC, by pressing the Windows key at the same time as the period key (Windows logo key + . ) you'll bring up a menu that will allow you to choose from several lists such as the emoji you're familiar with from your smart devices, ascii emotes, alternate characters, and kaomoji? (●'◡'●)

You are on: Forums » Suggestions & Development Discussion » I demand more emotes!

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