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So if low fantasy is "magic intruding on an otherwise normal world" and high fantasy is "a world where magic is ordinary"...

What if I don't really write either of those?

I propose "Highest Fantasy", where normalcy intrudes on an otherwise magical or inordinary world.

I have two major settings I write for: a fantasy setting where everyone is magical anthropomorphic animals and another where everyone is in an alternate universe where every mascot of a certain type of music plugin all come to life, including the weird ones like the goddess of shoes who is just a bunch of legs. Normal humans are a rarity with most people in the universe being androids.

I feel like it could be mostly classified by an almost complete or total complete lack of humans or even your standard fantasy races in the world where things normal to us are abnormal to that world and things that would be strange are just another Tuesday.

Examples can be things like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon or Adventure Time.

I understand if this could be too close to just plain old high fantasy, but I just like the idea of a level above that. It's fun!

Any other Highest Fantasy writers out there?

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