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BBCODE Templates (played anonymously)

Hello RPR!!
In this character profile, there is a compiled list of character templates. I, personally, love making my character sites look pretty and neat. I took some references from other sites like RPN(RP Nation) to help me with getting ideas to format, and 2 are actually taken from there with a few tweaks (proper credits added to the user who made those).

I really hope these come in handy for some people. This was going to remain in the drafts for my own personal use, but why not share it with the world?? I will likely add more as time goes on because as much of a headache I got from this, its still very fun and rewarding for me.

Let me know if you use any of these!! I would love to see what u guys do <3 <3 <3
(also thank you wilted for the inspo to do this!!)
rolled 1d100 and got a natural 56.

Note: i like rolling dice

Thank you for creating this! Will get use out of this! <3

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