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Hey all, I'm testing out a new pricing model for my PWYW commissions! If you'd like a commission, please message me! <3

Additional Notes:
- The tier selected determines the amount of time and effort dedicated to the piece. Higher tiers equate to more hours of work. Additional characters also equate to higher levels of work/time and would require a higher budget.
- The amount of work possible fluctuates depending on the character and level of detail.
- Clients may include input and corrections on their character; however, the artist (me) determines the final layout of the piece.
- Projects are undertaken on a first-come, first-served basis, with estimated start and completion times provided upon booking.
- Additional characters and elements may change the amount of work possible within the budget, so please be aware.
- Unless otherwise requested, all characters will be on a transparent background.
- No character sheets; those are priced differently! <3
Kruhee Topic Starter

This is still open :)

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