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HELLO AND WELCOME! I’d like to introduce you all to my Ko-fi shop! If it’s something I make to sell and it’s not an auction, it’ll be up here moving forward. Today, we have a few adoptables in the shop; I eventually plan to add inventory, weapons and other a’la carte items (if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below or on the page itself!) and when I do, I’ll update this thread as they become available.

And if you can’t grab one of these or one of my commissions, but would still like to support my work, my Ko-fi coffers are always open! Diapers are pricey and every little bit helps.

Today, we have two manaraptors and an Avariel portrait (and optional AtropaGrimm art!)


Manaraptors are creatures that resemble prehistoric microraptors who often grow to become natural familiars for magic-users. These creatures require the presence of magic to hatch, and in captivity they adopt the forms of magic wielded by the person to whom they imprint.

Flat $50 each; winner receives a full-sized transparent PNG - and a compressed PNG for the sake of any RPR or other image uploading sites you may frequent!

Katara's owner may also request the old full-sized art file I had of it on Degu’s base for no charge.

(Custom raptor commissions on this base run for sixty dollars; DM me for a commission form!)


And next up; an Avariel - a “floaty head” portrait if you’re familiar with my work, and a wing color key! Buyer receives two full-sized transparent PNGs, one of their face and one of their wing color reference + 2 optimized versions. I’m asking $60 for the set!

Click through for the listing and optional character profile!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! This was actually a character of mine for a brief period of time, and I have a slightly older design which I’d commissioned Atropa Grimm for back in the day; if you don’t also mind slightly different hair lying around, for an extra $35, you can get all of the full-sized transparency variants of this piece, AND weapon art of their bow!

(Custom “floaty head” commissions run from $46-60 depending on complexity; once again shoot me a message if you’re interested!)

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