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Hey there!
I’m getting back to writing after a few years break and hoping to find new people to rp with.

About me

27F, English is not my first language. My writing length depends on the situation and how excited I am but I’m not a one liner. Maybe 1-3 paragraphs? Not novella. I like writing in 3rd person and past tense.
I’m on vacation for the summer so my schedule is very different from when I’m at work. I’d like to say that even during busier work weeks I’ll be able to write a reply every week at the very least. For now, I’d like to aim for at least a few times a week. Again, depends on how excited I am. Quality over quantity and for my partner I am patient.
I mainly play females but I’m up for MxM. I like to use at least 2 characters right from the start as my main characters but also have side characters popping out every now and then. I’m not big on character information forms but love figuring out details to my characters and ofc I can tell you about them.

Rough plot idea

I’d love to have a heroes vs villains type of rp where we both have a character on both sides. Doesn’t need to be specifically heroes and villains but enemies none the less. Maybe the heroes and villains end up as a found family kind of situation in the end or romance happens. Maybe there’s betrayal, going undercover or feelings getting in the way of their work. Romance is very much wanted either with coworkers or the enemy. We can see which ones are the most fun. I’m looking for a lot of emotions! I hope some kind of superpowers are okay, but we can discuss the details of that and the plot together.
So, in short, I want enemies to interact with each other and see if they can be friends and help each other or not.

From you I hope

- No one liners please.
- Please be patient as I get back to writing and since English is not my native language.
- I hope you play male characters and able to have at least 2 as your active main characters. I hope you’re willing to build on details to our characters together as they grow together while interacting with each other.
- Also, I like OOC talk for example: songs that remind you of characters, imaginary situations or AUs that will probably never happen but are fun and also figuring out where the plot is going next or ideas for characters. I hope you like it too.

Let’s brainstorm together! 😊
Jackson Ray (played anonymously)

Are you still looking for one? I'm interested to join.
PinkGlitterStar Topic Starter

Go ahead and pm me! ^^ Nice to have caught your interest.
The Captain (played anonymously)

Will fade to black be used?
PinkGlitterStar Topic Starter

My main focus is definitely not in nsfw content. Probably will be used but can be discussed.
I'm highly interested!!
PinkGlitterStar Topic Starter

Heya! Send me a pm and we'll see if you catch my interest because I'm starting to be full ^^" But I'd at least want to give you a shot.

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