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I'm in the process of detailing a Sci-Fi continuity based on the Alien universe, yet progressed many centuries past Ripley's adventures. It is its own world containing a unique eco system, colonized by humans and non-Xeno aliens alike. Cities dwell inside large dome-like structures designed to contain breathable air and deny local wildlife and unauthorized visitors access.

It's still in development but I have wondered if anyone is even slightly interested. Players are free to create their own alien races as wormholes exist to allow for speedy transportation and discovery of new worlds, but you can play a regular human in these colonies as well. Xenomorph aliens are, for now, safely contained and supply ships arrive every couple of weeks to keep the continuity dynamic.

Should this interest you and make you seriously consider joining, I would like to hear so!";
Hmm... Sounds interesting. 'nuff said.
Smile (played anonymously)

Lance2011 wrote:
Hmm... Sounds interesting. 'nuff said.

Are you interested in joining perhaps?
Yep. Indeed I am. No worries for Smile from me however. Won't be no Predators coming from this direction. Best character I can think of for such a realm would be my star wars based one Adam. He'd be the easiest to tweak to fit it. I could do so with all my characters...but he would just be the easiest. Hmm...Could do it with Rocky as well as he has made his RP debut...but I don't have any info on his page yet.
o/ I am slightly interested, most likely with my asari =p
I am interested. Is there any limit on what species can be in it? I have some and a colonial marine I could use.
Smile (played anonymously)

This topic dates back to 2011. At current, the lack of interest for the group has put everything on hold indefinitely.
I would be interested in this roleplay. I have a Xenomorph I can use.
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JustAnotherAspergers wrote:
I would be interested in this roleplay. I have a Xenomorph I can use.

Hi there! Please don't revive super old topics like this on the LFRP board, as the likelihood of the OP being interested is very low. :) This topic is from 2011. Also, someone then posted in it in 2014, and then the OP even said they're not pursuing the RP. (Sorry we didn't throw a lock on it then! Must have missed it! I'm locking it now.)

If you'd like to do a Xenomorph RP, you can make a new topic about it on the Looking for RP forum. :) Thank you!

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