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Alex Jones (played anonymously)

Alex had a younger sister, who was nearly three years younger than him. He loved his little sister. they would train and fight together under the supervision of their parents and do everything together. But one night, a malfested, a demon from Astral Chaos, broke into their home, killing their mother and father and kidnapping his little sister. The mysterious demon woman stole away in the night, leaving him vowing for revenge. Years later, after endless searching all over the country, he found her. He confronted the demon who had taken his sister so long ago and killed her, finally getting his sister back.

He wanted to take her home and let the two of them simply live in peace. But something was wrong with his sister: She was tainted. After years of living, training and killing with the malfested woman who had kidnapped her so long ago had turned the young girl into a powerful malfested. powerful enough to lead the hordes of demons from Astral Chaos and wreak havoc on the world. All it would take would be a little push to awaken the sleeping beast within...
Soo, I'm looking for a half demon sister hopefully to do a long term rp with and that can transform from her human form into a permanent monster. We can do it on pms or forums so reply if you're interested!^~^

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Princess dred is a great demonic little girl. If your looking for one
Alex Jones (played anonymously)

She is perfect! pm me! And open to others if anyone has them!
can you pm me?
Alex Jones (played anonymously)


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