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Sam (played by Mimikk)

Hey everyone! I've got this brand spankin' new character here, Sam, who's looking for someone to interact with in order to build up a personality and such c:

So a bit o' info:
~ Sam's an angel kinda person, and deals with people who die fairly young
~ I'm looking for a one-shot or maybe long-term... However any RP with Sam has to end in the death of your character!
~ Good grammar would be much appreciated, as well as 1-2 paragraphs per response
~ Romance is welcome, but so is friendship. Whichever you prefer c:
~ This'll be an RP via PMs

Our plot is that Sam befriends/falls in love with your character as they near the date of their death. Sorry it's so vague, but we can work out specifics for it if anyone is interested~

Okay okay so I know people don't like killing off their characters, so I'm totally cool if you wanna make up a quick chara who you don't mind killing off. It can be a cancer-patient, an old person who's gonna die peacefully, or a little kid destined to die in a house fire or something. I would really just like to get a handle on Sam's personality so I can play zem awesomely, even if it is with a semi-developed throw-away char (or if you don't mind killing off your char in just one universe, I'd love some super developed chars :3}

So yah! I want some happiness during the RP, with strong relationships and love and yay, but then I am quite ready for sadness as the RP nears its end.

So... Anyone up for a feels trip? C;
I'm quite interested in this RP :3
moonlit-serenade wrote:
I'm quite interested in this RP :3

Messaged you c:
Well, I am prety interested in this. I don't mind a good heart wrencher ;^; And ANY of my characters are set in places they could easily end up dead (Mostly Magenta though...I'll tell you her details if you're interested.) I do not mind having a character die in one universe.
Kawaii Oni (played by DeathScythe)

Ooh this looks intresting! I'll rp with you!

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