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Ashley (played anonymously)

Ashley has already been a vampire for a year but I am looking for a sire to come back into her life. I believe this could be a good drama starting point. I am looking for someone who would want to be listed into her profile and intertwine the sire story into hers. I normally do not do this but I am looking for it on this particular character. Normally my vampires have a made up sire and story. I am trying something different with this character.

Looking for:

Sire- male vampire basically older than Ashley.

Note: Adult content could be included so no minors OOC nor IC really. I am sorry but even if you are 'mature' for your age, I still rather 18 and over. I am not wanting to worry about censoring myself.

Picky: With this character I am going to be more picky than in the past. Please do not take that as a turn off or offense. I am hoping this relationship (sire relationship) could help me beef up her profile and shape her as a character.

Posting Length: I prefer quality over quantity however please make an effort. When I post I post 1-5 paragraphs depending on what is going on. I usually write in details and love adding in what is going on in the background and around the characters to make it more than just one dimension. I do not expect this all from my partner but ask for a little effort. I do not require any particular length but I do have two requires: first, please post at least one paragraph (no 1-2 liners will be accepted) and two give me something to work with.

Other than that I can not wait to get started. Please feel free to inbox me for questions/comments or anything of the like. I am a really open and friendly person I promise. ^_^

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