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Welcome. Welcome to the magical world of Mythos, where the lands have be woven from Gods and Goddesses.
In the middle of Mythos, there resides a country by the name of Lune, and in the middle of Lune, is a great castle that is known by every single living creature in Mythos as "Castle Clair de Lune". A princess stricken by grief and her twelve siblings reside in this castle. The princess, herself, is the most beautiful, most kind living being in Mythos. Dark secrets hide behind her though, there is pain hidden beneath her sweet silver eyes.
Meet Anastasie, the kind and gentle princess of Lune, age of 18. Though she has lived for over twenty thousand years, as all her siblings have. She stopped aging at 18. Her hair is as if it were spun from moonlight, her skin is like fragile porcelain, and her eyes are the silver color of icicles. She's quite well-endowed, as well...
Meet Cheshire, the princess' younger sister, of age 17. Her hair is long and tied up into a long side ponytail. Its as if it were spun from sunlight. Her eyes are the color of molten amber, and her skin glows with a golden hue. She is seen as masculine, and quite tall. She's a bit brutish, and quite cunning. Though she may have hidden depths...
Meet Angele, another of the princess' younger sisters, of age 16. Her hair is tied into twintails, and is the color of aquamarine. Her eyes are like staring into the ocean water's on a sunny day. She's shy, and usually hides behind her older sister; Anastasie. Her skin glows with a bluish hue, and she's usually teased and called a 'true blue blood'.
Meet Arlette, the young 15 year old sister of the princess. Her hair is tied up into two drill twintails, and is the color of a blazing, red fire. Her eyes are like gleaming into fire, and her skin glows with a reddish hue. Her personality is outgoing, and quite fiery. She's seen as spazzy and spontaneous.
Meet Armelle, the little 14 year old sister of the princess. Her hair is black like the moonless midnight sky, and her eyes are like staring into a depthless void. Her skin gives off a dark aura, and it seems as if a gloomy shadow follows her around all the time. Her personality is sadistic, quite, and evil. Though she seems to have hidden depths when it comes to Cheshire...
Meet Armel, the younger twin brother of Armelle. His hair and eyes are the same as his twin sister's, and his skin also gives off a dark aura. He's quite feminine, and shy. He often hides behind any of his older siblings.
Meet Amelie, the young 13 year old sister. Her hair is a sweet mouse brown, and her eyes are the color of milk chocolate. Her skin has a light brown hue, and she wears glasses. Her personality is quiet, stoic, emotionless, and cold. She's seen as the most intelligent in the world of Mythos, alongside Anastasie.
Meet Aceline, the 12 year old sister. Her hair is yellow like a canary, and her eyes are the color of Chrysanthemums, and her skin is as if a buttercup was glowing against her her. Her personality is sneaky, cunning, and mischievous. Her hair is tied up into two, short, puffy twintails. She's a professional assassin, and lures her targets by either acting arousing or innocent, depending on the contract.
Meet Lunete, the 11 year old sister. Her hair is the color of the jungle greens, and her eyes are like sparkling emeralds. Her hair is quite short and boyish, and she's seen more as gentleman than a lady. Her skin has a tannish green hue to it, and she loves to ride horses. She's kind and a bit of an indirect flirt when it comes to cute girls.
Meet Cupid, the 20 year old older brother of Anastasie. His hair is pinker than the petals of a cherry blossom. His eyes are the color of baby pink, and he's quite outgoing and fashionable. He loves cute things, and has a high voice. His skin glows with the same color as his eyes.
Meet Bayard, the 19 year old brother of Anastasie. His hair is the color of copper, and his eyes are the same. His skin glows with a bronze hue, and his personality is almost the same as Lunete's, except he's less outgoing, less popular, and more quiet.
Meet Anastaise, the twin sister of Anastasie. Her hair is silver, unlike Anastasie's whose is white. Anastaise is taller, and is more outgoing. She's glamourous, popular, and always ready for a party. She's less endowed than Yuki. They're fraternal twins.

((Hey guys. XD This is my world. There's no fighting which the characters above, since they're Godmodding characters. You can kill monsters and such though. I'd like it if every character who decides to roleplay here would be good-aligned. Romance is allowed. Both male and female may try to romance any character, whether or not they'll be interested is up to them. On my profile there's ten of the characters, I can only have ten characters on one account, so oh well. Cheshire and Anastasie have complete profiles right now. Anyway, enjoy!! This roleplay is open to anyone at any time. I'll be roleplaying as Anastasie and her 12 siblings. There's one character I didn't put up there, since they're technically the antagonist. Along the roleplay you'll be given small clues as to who they are, they're gender, and what they represent. If you look on my character list, that's cheating. Haha. Unless you wanna ruin it for everybody, don't snoop too much. These 13 characters are all Gods/Goddesses. Three characters are Herms. Anyway, happy roleplaying. [Romancing is strongly encouraged, by the way. ;D])
(This looks pretty cool to me. I think I'll join. :D)

Okay, well, should I introduce my character?

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