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Hello, RPR; how have you been? Well, I hope; I'll get to why I'm here, though. See, I make mods for Fallout 3, and I enjoy making mods for Fallout 3. My new mod, the Arbor, is based off of Bioshock; I'm hoping to get some amazing visuals and keep the same feeling as the many areas in Rapture, but I want to give it that distinctive Fallout 3 flavor, along with my unique brand of storytelling that has been present in my other mods.

Here's where you come in. See, this mod will take a tremendous amount of time to build, and I'm finding myself with less and less of that stuff every day. I would absolutely flip if, within a few months, I could build up a small base of beta-testers to run through this mod and tell me what's up. I'll be doing a complete and thorough sweep of the thing every now and again, but people taking a look beforehand, letting me know if an area seems to go against the Bioshock theme, or seems awkward or badly-made, would be great for me.

This isn't that rote and thankless task of mod bugtesting; I have that honor and distinction, because I try to nip any problems in the bud for my mods. This is more like...creativity QA; I'm only one guy, and I've only got so much time to think about ideas for this thing, and I've also never ever played Bioshock, just seen the walkthroughs online. If you have time in your schedule in the coming months, a valid copy of Fallout 3, Point Lookout and Broken Steel, and possibly the other DLCs, (for the PC), give me a shout here. It will be a good, long while before I have enough of a mod to do more than have people coc in and poke around areas for a few minutes; when I do, though, if I could get some people to take a look and tell me what they think, that would be swell.

And, if you think you can get something else for the mod, maybe a fancy banner or something, let me know in a PM. I'm mostly looking for people to tell me what they think of the mod, but I'll take what I can get to make this mod's presentation nicer. I'm doing this all gratis, though if you have a Nexus profile, I'll put your Nexus name in the credits and give kudos on the Nexus for your help with this.

Questions? Comments? Vague statements? Send them all my way. I want, more than anything, to get this mod off the ground, and I'll do everything in my power to help you help me. :)

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Just to possibly gin up some extra interest in the mod, here's a couple of YouTube videos which I've shot as demonstrations of what one can see.

I'm still chipping away at this mod, and anyone who'd like to jump in and help out is more than welcome to let me know on here or via PM.
Unfortunately I'm also tied up with work so I can't test it, but I can say this mod looks good and strikes a good balance between the two games!

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