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I'm looking to have a port/ICON made for my new character Vari'enne!
I would prefer if it was non-remappable.
I DO NOT want these done in pixels.
You may do 350x350 if you wish.
(I hope I posted this in the right place!)


There will be three prizes:

Extra: Chinchilla - for life
Extra: Ferian Panooki - for life
Extra: Ferian Tygard - for life

1ST Place gets first pick, second get's second, and so on!

-- So here's the tidbits about the character.

Human Female Lycan
Hair: White down to hips, dark blue underlayer.
Skin: Pale
Figure: Thin/Lithe/Nearly Emaciated
Eyes: Ice Blue
Fingertips and Lips both cardinal stained.
The character is littered in tattoos on her arms, legs, and back. (If that's needed, all of generic tribal/peruvian design)
She wears her white wolf pelt when in human form.
She IS a white wolf in feral form.
I'd prefer if it somehow showed both, or if the pelt is done - no need!
Theme: Snow/Forest

You can choose to use this information provided as you wish.

All ports submitted for the contest will be mine.

Contest Begins .... NAOW!
Contest ENDS .... November 5th, 2012 Final by 2PMEST

All ports submitted will be kept, you do not need to be on-line for the final judging. I will review all between 2-3PM EST
Winners will be contacted in order, and of course I'd like to meet up for the trade!!
Any questions you can leave a note on this thread, or contact me in game on Makayia or Vari'enne

The digos are all ready to go!

Please email me at with original image, and your Furcadia Name!

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Sanne Moderator

Hurray for art contest!! I moved the topic to the right forum for you, good luck with all the entries! <3
AskemLaters Topic Starter

Eeee thanks!
Hello! Is this still open? c:
Vari'enne (played anonymously)


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