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Hello! I have run out of character slots on here. One friend of mime told me to check out Charahub, but unfortunately its super glitchy and slow on my tablet. I can't get it to work. So I was wondering, what other websites are there like Charahub?


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Ilmarinen Moderator

I think a popular one is but it has been in invite beta for years. There are plenty of people around with invite codes so it might be worth investigating!
I'm on ! I might not be able to get codes from my own account, but I can definitely ask around on those forums to try and get one for you if you're interested in joining!

There's no character limit. Which is one giant thing I love about it. Also, it makes sure any art posted on there gives the artist full credit, so that's a bonus too.
ImagineTheDragons Topic Starter

It looks pretty awesome! If you happened to find a extra code that would be amazing, I'd happily take it.
Has anyone by chance had any luck in finding a new place?

Used to use Wix back when Ani rp was first started. But it's not very simple to use anymore, since it's more for actual websites not for rp stuff.
I've not tried this site out yet, but I did find this one.
I’m going to second since no one responded to it. I LOVE IT. I’m trialing it with an older character set and universe but I love it. I’ve added lore to my content since it asks me a question on login I can chose to answer about my content, something I left blank.

Their character system is also fantastic! It makes a lot of sense and I saw a way to compare characters I think? I am thoroughly enjoying it and may upgrade after next month happens and I commission my friend.... it seems to be worth it. You can also connect characters as relatives, connect them to places, universes, races, and even races you design and provide info for! It’s really detailed.

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