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I think it would be really neat if we were able to save drafts for our roleplays. Say that we're in the middle of writing up a reply but we can't exactly finish it at the moment. I know that a lot of people use documents, word, or even notepads on their phones and computers, but it'd be awesome to have it built into RPR itself.

An example of this is on Tumblr, where we're able to take our threads and "save as a draft" and hold onto the draft. It holds all the content necessary for you to complete it later.
I second this 100%.

Me too!
Could we also do this for characters when they're in a work in progress?
That would also be extremely useful. It would make sense that they would also take up a character slot even if they're a work in progress state.
+1 to this, definitely.
Drafts in general for group announcements, forum replies, private messages, or profiles would be exceedingly useful.

I saw Kim reply to another topic about the potential for profile drafts when it comes to css. I'm glad to hear that it's in the works.
This is a great idea!

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