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Hey peeps. I just realized something about the dice rolling system that Kim has been so gracious as to bestow us with! It assists me in following my own preset rules as it pertains to magic and spell mastery! Wanna see what I mean? Check out this page of a website I WAS. Working on before I found RPR.

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Kim Site Admin

Oh hey! It is fantastic to see that the dice are useful for you.

Can I ask, why did you choose to make a "mastered" spell require no roll at all? To me, one of the best parts of systems with dice in them is the element of randomness... And even in real life, "masters" have accidents or things beyond their control. I personally would have left in a chance for a critical fumble, like rolling a 1 on a d20 caused the spell to fail in some way. They get to choose why -- they accidentally sneezed or tripped in the middle or some such.
That page was still a rough draft so to speak. If you were to look at everything else it's all is disarray and what not. The day I discovered RPR I was actually calculating a 'power roll' system for as it pertains to magic. Basically you don't need to roll to cast the spell since it's mastered but you need to roll to see how much it'll dish out. Similar to damage rolls in D&D so it'll still have the chance for critical fails and critical hits. I was just calculating exactly how the spectrum would work. That's just how I am with site building. I'll put the the rough drafts up then go through and picture how a potential player would respond to it and tweak things accordingly. Short and sweet from a players perspective.

"Ok I got this spell mastered. This isn't a fight I should risk failing the use of a spell I'm training in. So I'll use this one. Now let's see what kind of damage it does."

It is also gonna incorporate another feature I was working on I'm calling 'Double Mastery'. The way that works is, contrary to the old fashioned roll of 1 being a critical failure/fumble, there is actually gonna be a range that if you roll within it it's a critical fail. The double mastery incorporates the philosophy of the fact that one with more experience in a spell has a better chance of using it without failing. The chance of failure is still gonna be there at all times. It's just gonna be harder to fail if you double mastered the spell. And depending on how things work out with the double mastery I may even incorporate a triple mastery as well as an absolute mastery. The absolute mastery making it where a individual is so prosecutor with the spell that they can cast it successfully even while their sneezing or something. Those are just ideas right now. Rather I truly incorporate them or not has yet to be determined.

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