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Hello, RPR.
Hello! Welcome back to the site! Seems ya posted a couple of times a while ago but just came back
Sanne Moderator

*cruises around the site* I hope everyone is doing well!
I just realized
Yknow what I haven’t done in forever?..


A cloud weighs more than a million tonnes!

This has been baryon’s fun fcat
*crashes through the window*
Sanne Moderator

*sprays with the water bottle* >=(
I'll do it again
*breaks through wall*

guess who just got a reallt sad idea for a new character.. and is going to act on it
*Repairs the window and wall*
-Knight- wrote:
okay wait wait, there's a youtuber that makes these horror pixel art where's waldo yt shorts i've been watching out of curiosity
and so seeing you say this made me double take LOL

*breaks a door*
Vee! LTNS! ^_^

*Fixes door* Hello, Bary!
nope! hes a soldier who froze to death or is freezing to dead depending on the circumstances
Hey! Yeah! LTNS!!
How have you been?
*kicks a table*

hello knight
Hehe, I've been good, Vee! How about you? ^_^

How are you, Bary? ;)
Good! thinking about this little guy while waiting for matchmaking in Battlefeild V
Been good as well, kind of bored today though!

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