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Kim Site Admin

Hey you! Yes you! We can't wait to meet you! :D

This is the RP repository's official OOC chat thread, where we all come to relax, chat, and make new friends in between all night gaming sessions.

To join this chat, just click that big button above this post that says "Launch chat."

You can transform any thread on the RPR into a real-time chat! However, we use this one for most of our non-specific OOC banter.

All the normal forum rules apply in this chat thread. And please, don't RP in this thread. We have IC forums for that.

This thread is cleaned out on the first of each month.
Hi Kim! Yay I'm First!
Oh hey, it's a new chat
Honestly didn't know this got cleaned out lol
Reithesniper wrote:
Honestly didn't know this got cleaned out lol

It does every start of each month
Oooo, squeaky clean chat to make new messes in
*breaks in, posts Arknights thighs, leaves*
Chad move
Ah, might as well
I could scroll for days through the Arknights wiki to find thighs
though let's be honest, that's not really what I'm looking at for some of them
As one should.
I probably shouldn't talk about what I actually look at but it's probably obvious
Probably, lmao
But that's okay lol
Though, it's not like we all don't do that
I wouldn't know lol
I am... inevitable. *snaps fingers*
I am Groot

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